Why the “Quartz” Word is Written in Watches?

We believe that you have at least once heard about “quartz watches”, right?

If you notice, these watches always have the word “Quartz” on them.

So why Quartz written in watches?

Origin of the Watch x
Origin of the Watch

Is it the name of a brand or what? In this article, we will go with you to find out the reason.

Let’s get started!


1. Is Quartz Watch A Brand?

First of all, quartz is not the name of a watch brand. Instead, quartz watches are just a type of wristwatches that have special movement and design.

On the world market, the Japanese and Swiss brands are now taking the lead in producing and selling quartz watches.

It is not hard to list some big names like Casio, Seiko, Rolex, Tag Heuer, etc.

Besides, there are also many countries that make good quartz watches like Germany, China, and Russia.

Typically, the products from these countries are trustable because of their high quality.

2. Why Quartz Written In Watches?

From here, we will answer the question of why Quartz written in watches.

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As you have known, quartz watches have a different design and movement in comparison to other mechanical wristwatches.

Therefore, the word “Quartz” is written to emphasize this difference.

More specifically, this word refers to the part inside the watch.

For the design, this type of product uses a quartz crystal as the main part.

And for the movement, when an electrical current flows into that crystal, it starts to vibrate at high frequency, making the motor run.


Hopefully, our explanation above is enough to help you understand why Quartz written in watches.

After all, it is just a sign to emphasize the specialty of quartz watches.

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