Why Do Quartz Watches Tick?

It is great to have a quartz watch for your own, right?

In fact, quartz watches are famous because of their high accuracy and impressive operation.

As these products work, they will make some tick tack sounds.

Have you ever wondered why do quartz watches tick like so?

If yes, let’s talk about that in this article!


Construction Of A Quartz Watch

Before learning why do quartz watches tick?

We should know what builds them.

Now, we will unassemble a quartz watch for you, so that you will have the clearest overview of it.

Inside a quartz watch, there are many different parts such as:

  • A battery or pin that can be charged
  • An electrical pedal engine
  • Small circuits
  • An IC board to hold circuits
  • A quartz crystal to create the frequency
  • A knob to adjust the time setting
  • Gears
  • Central shaft to assemble the hands

All these parts will be installed together.

As they combine with each other greatly, the quartz watch will work.

Why Do Quartz Watches Tick?

After understanding the construction of them, we will start going to find out the reason why do quartz watches tick.

Scroll down now!

In order to work, a quartz watch requires an oscillating.

From the moment you push down the knob, allowing the battery to give energy, an electrical current will bring that energy to the quartz crystal. 

When the crystal is fully charged, it starts to ring at a huge speed.

Systematically, it can vibrate up to more than 30.000 times per each second. 

Thanks to this frequency, the motor can run to control the hands.

More specifically, this engine will spin the gear to make the seconds hand moves step by step.

For every step, the gear will spin one time, and that comes the ticking sound.


Now you know why do quartz watches tick already.

It is because of the gear operating inside them.

This thing is really cool, isn’t it?

If you still have questions about quartz watches, don’t be afraid to get in touch with us.

Soon, we will answer them all!

And now, thanks for reading this article!

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