Why Do Nurses Wear Fob Watches?

Nurses usually wear Fob watches which are also referred to as medical watches instead of a normal watch. It is placed on the lapel of the uniform.

A unique thing about it is that it’s read upside down. The following are the reasons why they adorn this timepiece in place of the normal wristwatch.


Maintain hygiene

There is always the argument that a wristwatch isn’t very sanitary. It can hide germs, bacteria, microbes, dirt and many other things.

Handling it while dealing with a patent may lead to infections. But by having it on the lapel, the hands are in likely to come into contact with it.

Improve concentration

Picture this, you are holding a stethoscope, syringe, or any other thing and you still need to check the blood pressure or pulse?

Looking at the wrist to view the seconds will mean that hand may not be used effectively. However, with a fob watch, you just need to briefly and conveniently glance on your lapel.

This improves concentration and minimizes errors or misreading.

“Bare below the elbow” rule

Ever heard of that rule? It’s practiced in many hospitals and medical facilities and requires the arms, from the elbow to the fingers, to have nothing on.

It prohibits jewelry, watches, and other things. The goal is to minimize the possibility of the accessory interfering with the work or even injuring a patient.

A medical watch is thus used to adhere to the regulation but still provides the nurse with the benefits of a watch.

Easy reading and convenience

The watch has the numbers upside down. By looking down at it, you’ll get good views. Most importantly, the watch has large digits for better readability. You have both analog and digital options.

The above are reasons why nurses wear a fob or a medical watch. It’s easy to read, more hygienic; minimizes distraction, and also goes hand-in-hand with the “bare below the elbow” rule.