Why Do Automatic Watches Have Jewels? The Truth Revealed

Jewel is one of the small components inside automatic watches. Despite its size, Jewel plays an important part in operating the watch. Let’s check “Why do automatic watches have jewels”  out now in this blog.

1. What Are Jewels In Automatic Watches?

History of Jewel

Jewel is invented in 1702/1704 by Nicolas Fatio de Duillier, Pierre Jacob Debaufre.

Why was it named Jewel?

Jewel can be made of so many kinds of precious jewels such as diamond, sapphire, ruby, quartz, and so on and that is why it is called “Jewel”.

Why do automatic watches have Jewels?

Jewel is one of the components of automatic watches. It is small like a grain of rice and hard like a stone, making jewel suitable for reducing friction or abrasion inside the watch with a view to increasing strength and precision. 

How many Jewels are there inside an automatic watch?

There is a minimum of 17 jewels and a maximum of 21 ones in an automatic watch. However, it is proved (from the 70s until now) that the 21-Jewel automatic watch is the most proper one.

2. How Important Is Jewel To An Automatic Watch?

Summarily, there are 05 main advantages of Jewel:

  • Reduce friction to increase precision.
  • Increase the strength of components suffering from friction
  • Shockproof and increase endurance for other jewels.
  • Decorate for the appearance of the automatic watch.
  • Enhance the value for the watch (depending on the materials making jewels).

3. Is That The More Jewels, The More Values An Automatic Watch Can Bring To A Consumer?

The answer is “NO”. The quantity of jewels inside every automatic watch doesn’t decide how high-quality or expensive it is. As long as the number of jewels is suitable for the operation of the watch, it is good enough. Each watch only needs a particular number of jewels.

Final Words

Final thoughts, we know “Why do automatic watches have jewels”. Jewel can not only increase the strength of automatic watches by reducing friction but also become an aesthetic decoration for watches. Besides, 21 is the most suitable quantity of jewels for one automatic watch. Thus, customers should take it into consideration before deciding to buy any too expensive automatic watch just because of the redundant jewels inside it.