4 Reasons Why Automatic Watches Are So Expensive

We will now go ahead and list out some of the reasons why automatic watches are so expensive. These explanations will help you hold a clearer view of the valuation process of automatic watches.

Reasons Why Automatic Watches Are So Expensive

Nice Materials

Automatic watches are so expensive due to the expensive metals and gemstones incorporated. This explanation is quite understandable.

Likewise, R&D investments into extreme materials, like the injection-molded black polymer that’s supposedly more powerful than steel, are never low-priced.

Labor Factor

Most luxury automatic watches are handmade, and nearly all of them are hand-finished. Besides, intricate engraving of fancy automatic watches is often done by human hand. Connected parts are done by hand; tiny components precisely hand-polished and perfected with maniacal accuracy.

And let’s be fair, Switzerland, of all places, the land of watchmaking and a country that has among the highest standards of living in the world, is where most of the best automatic watches were produced. The watch isn’t just made by random sweatshop workers.

Extreme concentration on features (things that consumers usually won’t even notice) also contributes to the list of possible reasons.

Moreover, there’s a high level of customer service post-sale: Skilled professionals of each brand know how to sustain that intricate watch for decades after purchase.

Testing and Quality Control

A booth that is made specifically to test how a watch sounds, a robotic arm that emulates how a human arm moves, machines that do stress testing, etc. Developing out these indicated robots and lab designs can’t be easily affordable.


Automatic watches advertise in lots of conspicuous places, sponsor significant events, and recruit A-list celebrities to endorse them. 


There are many more factors that contribute to the list of reasons why automatic watches are so expensive. But the cost of advertising, the materials, facilities, and the hard work that put into them seem to outweigh the rest. Just make sure you consult with somebody you trust before making a discovery of all those fabulous timepieces out there.