Why Automatic Watches Are Better Than Manual Watches?

Automatic watches and manual watches are both widely popular among watch lovers. However, many people are still confusing about why automatic watches are better than manual watches? 

There are some compared features from which you can understand why automatic watches are better. Want to know it? Here we go!

Why Automatic Watches Are Better?

In some aspects, automatic watches are more appreciated than manual watches.  Let’s go deeper into their features to have a better look!

The way it works

As we know, automatic watches are self-winding movement in which the power is created when you move your wrist. Accordingly, a rotor is attached to the watches to help it run without winding manually. On the other hand, the manual watches have no rotor, therefore you will need to wind it manually every day to make it work.


Another reason that makes automatic watches better than manual watches is their lifespan. You may be taken aback to know that an automatic watch can last for a lifetime. In contrast, manual watches require you to wind daily, which makes the crown easier to be broken.


Due to the additional space of the rotor, automatic watches look a little bit thicker than manual watches. This will bring you a more manly look when wearing it. 

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that automatic watches are durable and easy to run, which explains why they last for generations! Most importantly, they are powered by every move you make, which basically makes them a part of you. Isn’t that cool?

In some ways, we can see why automatic watches are better than manual watches, however, it is just a matter of choosing the right one for you. Now, just go for it!