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What Wrist To Wear Apple Watch?

The smart watch is one of the greatest new inventions the world has ever seen. Gone are the days when your watch just told you the time; this new generation of timepieces does so much more. From counting steps, to taking phone calls, monitoring your heart rate during exercise to measuring the quality of your sleep; these isn’t much your Apple Watch can’t do.

What write to wear Apple watch?  Here is a person wearing an Apple Watch on their left hand and adjusting it with their right hand.
Which Wrist to Wear Apple Watch?

Now, it may seem like an inert point but there is a right and wrong way to wear your Apple Watch; that is, if you want to make the most out of this smart device. It isn’t as much to do with what wrist to wear Apple Watch on but how the watch fits and its orientation.

What Does Apple Say?

Head over to Apple’s support center and you will quickly stumble across a page that denotes the right and wrong way to wear your Apple Watch. The company details that the watch should be worn so that features such as the taptic engine and the Wrist Detect remain in constant contact with the skin. Not doing this may cause the watch to function incorrectly. If you’re anything like us, you may have had to learn this the hard way. Ever sit there and realize that your step count has just doubled despite having done nothing? Or worse, you’ve just been on a 10k run only to find that half of the activity hasn’t registered on your device? This is all to do with the watch not being in constant contact with your skin.

person looking at apple watch on left wrist  Which wrist to wear Apple watch?  Either one - put it on the one that is most comfortable.  However, the watch must make good skin contact.
The Apple Watch needs to be in contact with your skin

Apple advises that users should tighten the watch so that it doesn’t move around on the wrist. However, it shouldn’t be so tight that it feels restricting. Essentially, the company’s message is that a better fit means better readings.

Other Things To Think About

As well as keeping your Apple Watch tightly on the wrist, to the most comfortable point, it is also very important to consider some of the following points if you want to make the most out of your device.

Make Apple watch tightly on the wrist. Left arm wearing an apple watch.
Apple watch should be tight but comfortable on your wrist


What Wrist to Wear Apple Watch?

One of the most pressing questions in the world of watches is “Which Wrist to Wear Apple Watch?” We have written some in depth guides on this but we wanted to quickly cover the basics here.

There is no right or wrong wrist to wear your watch. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable when wearing it. For most people, this means wearing their watch on their non-dominant hand. Since more than 90% of the world’s population is right-handed, most watches are made to fit on the left wrist with the crown on the right for easier access with the right hand. That said, there are many ‘destro’ watches that are designed for left-handed wearers.

But the beauty of the Apple Watch is that it is designed to be worn on either wrist and the crown can be placed on either side. If you are right handed, you would wear the watch on your left wrist with the crown in the top right corner. However, for all you lefties out there, the watch can be flipped and worn on the right wrist with the crown on the bottom left corner. The reason that this is possible is that, just like Apple iPhones and other devices, the screen on the watch will flip depending on which way it is held up.

person holding Synced iphone and apple watch.  The person is wearing the watch on the left hand and using the phone with the right hand.
Iphones and Apple watch can be synced up

In the Apple Watch settings, it is possible to change the orientation of the watch under General > Watch Orientation where you can select either left or right handed.

Keeping The Watch Band Clean

If you find that you are wearing the watch at the correct tightness but some of the features are still not working as expected, it could be that there is an issue with how clean the band is.

apple watch on grey textured background.  The apple watch band should be kept clean.
Regularly clean the band of your Apple Watch

The watch and strap needs to be regularly cleaned using non abrasive cloths and when you do this, the watch should always be switched off. If you regularly use your watch for workouts then this is even more important.

Band Size

Apple manufacturers an astonishing number of bands and they come in all shapes and sizes.

It is a good idea to think about the size of your wrist as this will have an effect on the best type of band for you. People with smaller wrists may benefit from the Sports Loops which offer better adjustability, meaning that the watch has a better fit even when you have small wrists.

person looking at apple watch on left wrist
Sports Loops might fit smaller wrists better

Just as a side note, you should also take into account the materials from which the band is made from. Apple details on its support pages that certain bands contain metals such as nickel that can be irritating to people with certain sensitivities, so be sure to keep this in mind.


If you are the proud owner of an Apple Watch then you’ve probably already realized the benefits of these innovative pieces of equipment. But for some people, they find that the features don’t always work as expected. This is usually not a problem with the watch but rather how it is being worn.

One last note: If you have a wrist tattoo, you may want to wear your Apple Watch on the other wrist.