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On Which Wrist Does a Female Wear A Watch?

From high-end luxury watches that scream class to a lower-end, practical watch for those who have demanding jobs, this guide will cover which wrist to wear a watch – female edition.

Wearing a watch is as much a fashion statement as it is a practicality. Of course, these devices were originally designed as a convenient way to tell time but with so many beautiful watches out there, it isn’t surprising that your watch can be as much of a status symbol as it can anything else. Let’s start by finding out about where you will wear a watch.

It may seem blindingly obvious; you’re going to wear the watch on your wrist, aren’t you? Well, yes, this is true but there is an unspoken watch etiquette that dictates where you should wear your watch and why. In this guide, we will be exploring how women should wear their watches and what is the best arm to adorn with a timepiece. In particular we will answer the question Which hand do you wear a watch on?

In this article, we answer the question - Which Wrist to Wear A Watch - Female .  In the photo, and African American woman in a white blouse wears a gold watch on her left hand.
Which Wrist to Wear A Watch – Female Version – There are several factors to consider

What Side Do Women Wear Watches?

There is a lot involved with being a woman. From doing your makeup in a certain way to coordinating your outfits, it can be a headache-inducing experience just getting ready in the morning. Add into that the fact that you are expected to wear your watch on a certain wrist and you’ll probably be left in a spin.

What side do women wear watches? woman standing near water with watch on right wrist
The wrist you pick should be about comfort

But don’t worry, understanding which wrist to wear your watch on isn’t as tricky as you might think. Before we get into the nitty gritty of what side do women wear watches, allow us to point out that the main thing to consider when choosing a wrist is comfort. If wearing your watch on a particular arm feels better than the other, always go for what feels good. If you don’t, you run the risk of the watch doing nothing but annoying you and you’ll end up taking it off.

Which hand do you wear a watch on?

Generally speaking, women should wear their watch on the left wrist. There is a good reason for this. More than 90% of the population uses their right hand as their dominant one. Back when wrist watches were first invented, there wasn’t the technology available that we have today meaning that things like quartz watches and electronic mechanisms were not yet thought up.

Which hand do you wear a watch on?  Woman wearing a watch on her left hand standing near flowers
Which hand do you wear a watch on? Most women wear their watch on the left wrist

Instead, people had to use a winder to power their watch and this would be something that would need to be done regularly to keep the timepiece ticking. It wasn’t uncommon for watches to dwindle in power while they were being worn but rather than having to mess about taking the watch off, watch makers would place the winder on the right hand side. When the watch was placed on the left wrist, any able-bodied right-handed person would easily be able to operate it.

african american woman with braids wearing a watch with a large face on her left hand.
Comfort should be key in picking what wrist to wear a watch. Most watches are designed to be worn on the left wrist because most people are right handed.

Even today, you will notice that almost all wrist watches have the dial on the right-hand side although there are a few Italian exceptions that are made for left-handed people.

Moreover, when women wear their watch on their left hand, this limits the risk of damage or of feeling weighed down. If you are a right-handed person, having a watch, especially a heavy one, wrapped around your right wrist may cause you some discomfort when trying to use the hand.

I’ve Heard That Women Should Wear A Watch On The Right – Is This True?

If you look back over time, then you may have stumbled across the loose rule that men should wear watches on their left hand and women should wear them on their right hand. In modern times, there is very little truth in this mainly for the reasons that we have already discussed in terms of practicalities.

What side do women wear watches? Traditionally, women wore watches on their right hand.  This shows a woman in a white shirt with her arms propping up her neck.  She has a bracelet and a watch on her right hand.
Women traditionally wore watches on their right hands

However, throughout history, watches were a lot more varied than they are today. You see, many years ago, right up until the early 20th century, it was only ever women that wore wrist watches. Men would use a pocket watch. The popularity of this type of watch stemmed from when men would go to war. They were very good for military coordination not to mention that they just looked great.

woman in white shirt wearing a watch
Watches are a popular accessory. Besides being functional for telling time, they are also fashionable.

However, since wars are rough, it was always the case that the pocket watch would be held in the left hand to protect it from whatever the dominant hand was doing. Once wrist watches became a popular accessory for the guys, the left-handed rule seemed to remain in place.

Is There A Psychological Reason To Choose A Wrist For Your Watch?

There are many people all over the world who claim that the wrist you choose to wear your watch on shows certain psychological aspects of yourself. Let us first say that this is largely just a lot of talk because ultimately, most people choose to wear their watch on the wrist that feels most comfortable and not because they are trying to show off certain parts of their personality.

Is There A Psychological Reason To Choose A Wrist for your Watch?  There may be, or it may just be more convenient to wear the watch on your right wrist.
One of the reasons that you would choose to wear a watch on your right hand is that is it simply more comfortable and more convenient for you.

But let’s explore this with an open mind. There are a lot of folks that believe that wearing your watch on your right hand is a symbolic thing and could indicate that the wearer is a member of a certain organization or has a hidden intention. But then, unless you are part of said organization, it would be pretty difficult to know for sure!

On Which Wrist Does a Female Wear A Watch?
Some people think that wearing a watch on your right hand indicates that you are part of a particular organization or group.

There is also the suggestion that if you own a particularly flashy watch, you would wear it on your right wrist as a way of better displaying it. Think about the right hand usually being dominant again, you’d always be moving the hand so people would be more likely to catch a glimpse of your expensive, designer timepiece.

What side do women wear watches Watch worn to the inside of the wrist on the hand of a swimmer.
What side do women wear watches? You may prefer to put in on the inside of your wrist to see the time more easily or more discreetly.

There are also people, women in particular, who opt to wear their wrist watch upside down, with the face sitting on the underside of the wrist as opposed to the top. There is a suggestion that this is to allow the wearer to check the time more discreetly without being rude to perhaps a date or business associate. But again, for the most part, this is done because of how the wearer feels comfortable. Another type of watch, fob watches are worn upside down.

What side do women wear watches. 
 If you are in the military the answer is obvious.  Military Personnel Wear Watch Inside Wrist. Military personnel in field with watch and using binoculars.
What side do women wear watches? Women in the military Wear Watch their watches Inside Wrist for a variety of reasons: Easier to glance at, doesn’t get damaged, doesn’t reflect light

Fashion Designer Jennifer Kelton Video

Jennifer Kelton, noted fashion designer and entrepreneur, gives her thoughts on which wrist for a lady to wear a watch:

Woman with brown hair wearing her watch on left wrist
Putting your watch on your left wrist is the most normal way to wear it

Typically speaking, both men and women are advised to wear their wrist watch on their non-dominant hand as this ensures better freedom of movement and will prevent the watch from becoming damaged. More importantly, most watches are designed to be operated, whilst on the wrist, by a right-handed wearer so putting it on the left wrist is considered to be ‘the norm.’

Top Brands for Women’s Watches

Women’s watches have evolved over the years, blending functionality with elegance. Here are five reputable brands that offer exceptional women’s watches, whether you choose to wear them on your right or left wrist:

  1. Bulova: With a rich history and an eye for innovation, Bulova offers a wide variety of women’s watches that strike a balance between timeless elegance and modern design. Their commitment to precision and style makes them a favorite among many.
  2. Cartier: Renowned as a luxury brand, Cartier’s women’s watches, like the Tank and the Ballon Bleu, are iconic. They effortlessly meld classic design with high-end craftsmanship, making them a status symbol and a piece of art.
  3. Rolex: Another pinnacle in the luxury watch segment, Rolex has several lines tailored for women, like the Lady-Datejust and the Oyster Perpetual. These watches are known for their durability, precision, and timeless design.
  4. Omega: With models like the De Ville and the Constellation, Omega offers sophistication and reliability. Their watches are often adorned with intricate details, making them both functional timepieces and exquisite jewelry.
  5. Michael Kors: A more contemporary brand, Michael Kors is renowned for its fashionable watches that resonate with modern trends. They offer a blend of style and functionality at a relatively more accessible price point.

These brands, while diverse in their offerings and price points, all share a commitment to quality, design, and craftsmanship in their women’s watch collections.


There is a lot of speculation over which wrist a woman should wear her watch on. An old tale tells us that us girls should wear our watch on the right while men should wear it on the left, but there is no evidence to suggest that this was ever a hard and fast theory. Instead, women should wear their wrist watch on the side that feels most comfortable to them. While some may find that the right hand is the most comfortable, others may find that this feels totally alien to them.