Which Automatic Watch Is Most Accurate? – The Secret Revealed

Automatic watches are appreciated all over the world by watch lovers due to its aesthetic value.

Because the environmental factors can change an automatic watch accuracy, a perfectly accurate automatic watch is only an illusion.

Yet, the question remains which automatic watch is most accurate?

Origin of the Watch x
Origin of the Watch

Zenith Defy Lab – a masterpiece from the Swiss watchmaker, is the best nominee for “the world’s most accurate automatic watch” title as it receives high appreciation and positive comments from watch specialists and watch lovers.

Read our article to see how Zenith Defy Lab becomes the most accurate automatic watch in the world!


Zenith Defy Lab Introduction

Introduced in September of 2017, the most important part of the Zenith Defy Lab model was the groundbreaking Oscillator.

Over more than 340 years, automatic watches have unchanged fundamentally for their advances, yet Zenith has innovated the watchmaking process by creating a “new oscillator”.

For that, the conventionally dated spring escapement is replaced by a high-end engineered silicon disc.

Due to the major change of Zenith Oscillator, the hairspring and balance regulator invented by Christiaan Huygens in 1675 is greatly improved.

This advance also creates an evolution for the fundamental operating principle of automatic watches making Zenith Defy Lab more accurate than other automatic watches.

Why Zenith Defy Lab Is The Most Accurate Automatic Watch In The World?

The conventional oscillator is replaced with monocrystalline silicon measuring 5 mm in thickness.

The new Caliber ZO 342 oscillator operates at 15 Hz that helps it faster than the majority of automatic watches on the market.

For that reason, the new model is also three times the frequency of the traditional Zenith El primero operation creating exceptional accuracy.

As a result, this Zenith Defy Lab model has 60 hours of power reserve and a precise rate to only 0.3 seconds.

Plus, this automatic watch model is insensitive to magnetic, gravity, and temperature gradients, so it helps the Defy lab remain the same precision for 95% of the power reserve.

The new model of Zenith is also the first version which has an Aeronith case.

Also, the Zenith model uses a special wheel that has flexible teeth.

It means the security of the action is improved, and the energy is transferred more efficiently.

Final Thought

We believe that Zenith Defy Lab is the best answer to the question: Which automatic watch is most accurate?

Hopefully, our article will help you have more understanding of the Zenith Defy Lab – one of the coolest automatic watches on the market!

Thank for your reading!