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When Automatic Watch Stops Running, What Really Happened?

When you own a luxury watch and an excellent timepiece, it sometimes goes on the blink or stops working.

You end up coming to grief and feel so sorry for it?

Dig deep into the cause it may come from the effects during use or the aging problem.

But before jumping into any conclusions when an automatic watch stops, you should check out on what factors can have a great impact on the operational status of your timepiece.

Here are some common reasons.


The reasons when your automatic watch stops running

The machine has a broken part

Maybe during the use process, there is a strong impact on your watch, causing parts of the movement to be affected.

Or the problems may come from the winding: loose, abraded, broken, rusted, etc should also be mentioned on the list

Watches have been used for a long time but have not been cleaned and lubricated.

After a long time using, the watch will dry out of oil, the appearance of increasingly dense dust is inevitable, and then it will stop moving.

So about 3, 4 years, you need to clean, wipe oil, maintenance of the timepiece once.

The watch has no kinetic energy to operate

When first use the automatic watch, you do not know the instruction for use, right?

So when the watch stops working, you may end up thinking that your watch is broken.

Don’t worry, you just need to know how to power properly, the watch will come to play again.

Contaminated with magnetic fields

Direct contact with objects containing magnetic wavelengths will make the steel parts in the watch electrically magnetized.

The parts will tend to attract or repel each other, making watches run faster, slower, or stop working.


When your automatic watch stops, it may be due to the above or other reasons, so you should consider its condition to come up with the most effective way to fix it.

Good luck!

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