What’s Wrong With Quartz Watches? The Answer You Need to Know

When it comes to a worth-every-penny watch for watch enthusiasts, a quartz watch might come first.


It is praised for undeniably cheap, still accurate over time, rugged, and more good features.

However, recently, hundreds of similar queries of quartz watches have been popping up.

Origin of the Watch

And typically, one of them is what’s wrong with quartz watches.


What’s Wrong With Quartz Watches And Some Solutions

First, quartz watches cannot maintain a long term of usage.

In fact, most quartz watches use the power of the battery. And you all know that battery needs to be changed after two or three years.

But be glad that you can change it on your own with the extremely cheap expense.

No matter how many times you have replaced the battery, a quartz watch can still work well for more than 10, 20 years, even 40 years, who knows!

On top of that, bear in mind that a quartz watch can run out of battery faster if it is designed with electric illumination, stopwatches, or compasses.

Do not blame the producer for this fact.

Second, some quartz watches are able to lose time.

Well, it happens sometimes and is not a big deal that you have to be afraid of.

What you need to do first is check out whether the battery is dead or not.

If the problem doesn’t lie in the battery, it can be the watch movement.

Then take your watch to the authorized dealer for warranty. And all problem has been solved, right?

Bottom Line

After all, you should know that every watch sometimes has a problem and your job is to keep calm and find out the solution in our article above.

Now, have you had enough confidence to deal with the problem “What’s wrong with quartz watches?” yet?

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