What Watches Do Military Men Use in Reality?

Military personnel wears watches that meet the specifications and standards as specified in the MIL-PRF-46374.

This was revised back in 1999 from the earlier one that was first published back in 1964.

According to the latest specifications, the timepiece needs to withstand harsh conditions ranging from extremely cold climates, very hot desert climate, high altitude, great pressure, and good water resistance.

So, what are some common options?

Origin of the Watch

G-Shock DW-6900

Probably one of the best G Shock watches for military use out there!

This is a popular choice for most people. It is made from resin, both the case and.

The material is strong enough to handle the harsh terrains but still light enough for easy movement.

The face is also made from resin, which doesn’t shatter, crack or break like mineral crystal or sapphire.

The G-Shock DW-6600 was the watch of choice for the navy but has now been replaced by the more superior G-Shock DW-6900.

Marathon WW194013SG

This watch was worn by the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The high-end piece looks very rugged and is made from fiberglass.

It runs via Swiss quartz movement and comes with superior Tritium illumination for good viewing in the dark.

It did perform well in the harsh sandy and windy conditions.

The case is durable and resistant to cracking or breaking.

It has good water resistance and is also a fairly light watch.

Luminox Evo Navy Seal Blackout Watch

This is also a good choice for military personnel.

It’s a high-end watch that looks sophisticated and classy.

However, it’s still a very strong watch and will withstand the unkind terrains well.

The men’s watch comes in black color and is powered by a Swiss quartz movement.

The case is made of reinforced polyester and has a rubber strap.

Also present is a polymer bezel. It was developed for the Air Force.

The military does provide watches to its personnel.

However, individuals are allowed to purchase their own units as long as they meet the set standards.