What is Special About Pilot Watches? 4 Things You Would Notice Almost Instantly

Pilot watches were originally invented for aviators. This has however changed, as you will find many people adorning them. The main reasons why they are preferred over other types include the following:

Very clear display

The watches come with a clear display for easy time reading. The dial is normally plain black and features very little texts or inscriptions.

Origin of the Watch x
Origin of the Watch

The numbers are usually bold and in Arabic which makes them much easier to read. The numbers just like the hands and hour markers are bold and come in a color that contrasts the background.

The most common combination is black dial and silver-tone or whitish markers and hands.

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High luminosity

The timepiece seems to have a brighter luminosity or glow in the dark. This follows the original principle, which was to make using it easier in the dark cockpit. The luminosity covers a large area of bold hands and markers.

Displays time in different time zones

Aviators would fly in different regains quite often. With a normal timepiece, it would be a struggle to keep changing the time.

Pilot watches, on the other hand, can show the time in different time zones. You, however, will only view the time in one time zone at a time.

Alarm clock tied to the Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)

A unique feature of pilot watches is that they support several alarm clocks. 3 seems to be a common number. They can be tied to the Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), which was previous, referred to as GMT (Greenwich Meridian Time).

This feature works hand-in-hand with compatibility with various time zones.

Final thoughts

The unique features allow the wristwatch to function well in different time zones.

It also offers good viewing even in poorly lit surroundings and saves you the trouble of having to keep tabs on the time especially when traveling to different regions. These are reasons that possibly explain why more and more ordinary people are opting for the timepiece.