What is Automatic Watch Hacking And the Secrets Behind it

What is automatic watch hacking? Especially nowadays, punctuality is more and more necessary because of the busy daily pace of life. However, have you ever thought that what will happen if one day your watch is not running on time anymore? Obviously it needs to be adjusted and automatic watch hacking will help to do that exactly in every second. 

1. What Is Automatic Watch Hacking?

Automatic watch hacking or Hacking stop, Stop second, and so on is the typical function of the automatic watch. It’s about stopping the second hand to ensure the time adjusted exactly.

2. How Does Automatic Watch Hacking Work?

There is a crown on every watch. For the purpose of adjusting time, you must pull it out 2 times and screw the crown until the time is right.

When the crown is pulled out, a lever will articulate with the balance wheel. The second hand will stop along with the balance wheel. After finishing adjustment, what you need to do is simply close the crown back and let the lever return to its position. The balance wheel then continues to move freely and finally, the second hand operates normally. 

3. What Effects Does Automatic Watch Hacking Have With Watches?

At first,  the most obvious advantage of automatic watch hacking is that it can make sure the watch always runs on time. In some situations, the watch owner wants to synchronize his/her watch with another one, this hacking function will be counted. 

Furthermore, in the early 20th century, during wartime, soldiers used automatic watch hacking to calculate the proper time in significant situations. 

However, everything has both sides and automatic watch hacking is not perfect as well. The balance wheel suddenly stopping will do some damage on the mainspring. This damage is not considered so automatic watch hacking is acceptable in the most automatic watches.

Final Thoughts

Final words, we know what is automatic watch hacking. Automatic watch hacking brings its owners precision every second so if you appreciate every moment in your life, this function is really necessary.