What is a Scrub Watch? And What You Should Know About it?

This is a watch that is worn by people who adorn a scrub.

This is a unique sanitary garment. What comes to mind are people in the medical profession who include doctors, surgeons, physicians, nurses, and other caregivers. The watch is designed to match the garment and also make viewing it easy.

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The following are the main characteristics of the timepiece:

– Simplicity: It’s a very basic watch that comes with the bare minimum. It will feature the hands, hour markers, minute, and second’s hand. The piece is also lightweight and comes with resin or rubber bands.

– Easy reading: The timepiece features a clear face for easy viewing of the numerals, hands, and markers. It will be round in shape and the bezel is very thin. The dial/ background will have a color that contrasts the indexes and numbers. A good example is a white dial against black numerals and hands.

– Large Arabic numerals. The numbers are usually large and in Arabic. They are more reader-friendly in comparison to sticks or roman numbers. You also get a distinctly colored seconds hand, for instance, red. There will be markings after every 5 seconds intervals. This helps in taking the pulse rate.

– Sanitary nature: Due to the environment it is supposed to be used; the watch comes in a sanitary nature. It will have a smooth and highly polished case and no rough edges. The crown will also be small and the joint between the face/ glass and the case will be seamless. For straps, you mostly get rubber and resin.

This is aimed at improving the hygiene of the watch and surrounding. It also makes it less likely for the timepiece to scratch the wearer or a patient.

– Matching band: The band/ strap usually match the color of the scrub. If the garment is blue, the band will also be blue. This has been the tradition. It also makes reading time easier since the watch can also be hanged in the packet.

There are many types of scrub watches readily available in the market. Finding a good piece is mater of individual preference and a bit of market research.