What are Pilot Watches? And What Everyone Should Know About Them?

Just as the name suggests, this watch was initially designed for pilots. It may at times be referred to as an aviator watch. However, it’s nowadays worn by the ordinary person and is considered by many as among the stylish, sophisticated, and functional watches.

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It’s believed to have been invented back in the late 19th early y 20th century. In those days, people wore pocket watches and not wristwatches. This made it a little difficult for pilots to use it while flying.

Origin of the Watch x
Origin of the Watch

To deal with the problem, in 1904, Alberto Santos-Dumont – a Brazilian pilot or aviator asked Cartier Santos, a watchmaker to design a piece that was more cabin and pilot friendly. This is where the first pilot watch was born.

It featured a square face and straps to secure it on the wrist. This was not just the first aviator watch but arguably the first wristwatch.

Over time many watches have been designed. They are more improved than the earlier ones and prove effective in the cockpit.

What are some key characteristics of the watch?

-Large Face: This allows the pilot to read the time quickly and without straining his/ her eyes or neck. This is important to minimize the loss of concentration while operating an aircraft.

-Legible Dial: The dial is designed for easy reading. You’ll find a dark dial, for instance, black, and the hand and hours markers are white or shiny. It may also have black markers and hands but the dial is white.

-Good Luminosity: The cockpit can have poorly lighting. This was more common in the earlier days. To ensure the aviator had/ has no trouble reading time, the timepiece comes with very luminous hands and hour markers.

-GMT /Dual Time: Most pilot watches allow the user to keep tabs on different time zones. This makes it easy to adjust it to the current location.

Although originally designed for pilots, this watch is now worn by ordinary people. You’ll find different types to suit varied individual needs.

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