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Timex T5K196 Review: Full-Size Ironman Endure 30 Shock Watch

The T5K196 watch from Timex does boast of having among the best water resistance in its range.

It also enjoys positive comments for being very wearable, reliable, and easy to maintain.

To find out whether these claims are true and if it is worth buying, we saw it wise to take a deeper look at it.

Our findings can be seen in the Timex T5K196 review.

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Timex Men's T5K196 Ironman Endure 30 Shock Full-Size Black...
  • Adjustable black 18mm resin strap fits up to 8-inch wrist circumference
  • 100-hour chronograph with 30-lap memory; 24-hour countdown timer; shock resistant to I.S.O. standards
  • 3 daily, weekday or weekend alarms; 24-hour military time mode; 2 time zones; day, date & month calendar

Easy to Maintain Resin Case

By going for a resin case, Timex made the watcher lighter and easier to take care of.

The material offers decent protection to the quartz movement and dial. It is more tolerant of scratches, breaks, warping in comparison to normal plastic.

The rubbery feel contributes to its good shock and impact resistance.

The case has a diameter of 42 mm, which makes it a good choice for men.

However, you may still find some women wearing it because it is a light watch despite the large size. Official information says that the watch weisghs1.96 ounces.

It is among the thick options in the market and measures about 15mm.

Clear Sporty Digital Dial

Timex T5K196 dial

Viewing time feels easier with this timepiece.

The dial comes in a good size and the numbers are all digital. To make the large numerals more visible, they come in black while the background is grayish.

The screen will show the hour, minute, second, date, day, and other functions without cluttering the screen.

It has a sport appeal and looks modern.

This is made more noticeable by the wide bezel, which has several inscriptions on it (Indiglo, stop/reset, mode, set/recall).

Like most pieces from the brand, this one also comes with Indiglo light up.

Reading time in dimly lit settings or at night should not be a challenge.

Basic But Accurate Quartz Movement

Timex T5K196 on wrist

Timex chose to keep things simple when it comes to the movement.

They have opted for quartz moment instead of the bulkier and more sensitive mechanical or automatic movement.

It features a small oscillator powered by a lithium battery. It runs smoothly and does not need frequent maintenance.

The battery can last for 2 years without any issues.

Thanks to the oscillator being steadier than a balanced wheel, this watch runs smoother and is more accurate.

It should not lose more than 2 seconds a day, which is good.

The mechanism powers the time, alarm clock, date/day, timer and other functions.

Sensible Water Resistant of 200m (660 ft)

Truth is that there aren’t many watches that claim of having a water resistance of 200 meters or 660 feet.

Therefore, when this watch lays claim to this, we got curious.

And from what consumers and experts are saying, it does score highly.

We have not taken the timepiece piece to the extremes yet but it holds well in the rain, swimming, snorkeling, and while playing water sports.

This makes it a top choice for professional marine activities and surface water sports. The acrylic crystal creates a watertight seam with the resin case and bezel.

The case back is also watertight just like the control buttons.

This prevents the entry of water and/ or moisture.

Our Verdict

We give the watch a thumb up for being very practical for everyday use.

It has a clear display, the numbers are very visible, and the controls are well placed for easy rich.

The material is strong but still lightweight and the strap is very flexible.

While the water resistance is good, we are yet to take it to the great depths. Overall, this is certainly a good choice.