Timex T5E901 Review: Ironman Classic Indiglo Light-Up Dial Watch

When it comes to sports watches, the Timex T5E901 is among the favorite choices.

It has been in the scene for quite some time and seems to appeal to both the young and old. It features renowned 5-button styling that gives you easy access to the countdown timer, time, night-light, alarm as well as the date.

The Timex T5E901 review seeks to shed more light on this iconic piece to ascertain whether it’s a good buy.

Large easy-to-read display

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The Ironman Classic blends simplicity, reliability, and functionality.

It features a relatively large face that clearly displays all the functions (time, date, alarm….). And since its digital, you should have an easier time reading it.

Accessing the different features and modes is made easier by the well-placed control buttons. And from what customers and analysts say, the buttons are very responsive.

Viewing time at night or in the dark is made easier by the Indiglo backlight. Simply press a button and the background lights up.

Tough lightweight resin case and bezel

Timex T5E901 on wrist

One thing many people agree about the watch is that is very lightweight for its relatively large size.

This makes wearing it for long periods, not a problem. The case and the bezel are made of resin and all come in a simple black color. You will, however, find some gray accents on the case.

The case back is made of stainless steel and should be able to resist rust or corrosion.

You will also find information such as the battery type, water essence (100 meters), serial number, and watch model printed on the removable case back.

Smoothly finished flexible resin strap

Being a sport’s watch, you expect it to be worn in demanding situations.

The company does a nice job in making sure it’s not only comfortable but also won’t leave your wrist unless you remove it yourself.

It comes with a lightweight resin strap that that should handle regular strapping and unstrapping, abrasion, knocks, exposure to sweat, humidity and the elements well.

The strap’s black color matches the black case with gray accents whereas the smooth interior feels nice on the skin.

Wearing /removal and adjusting the straps should be easy courtesy of the lightweight and flexible nature.

And to ensure it remains intact the straps are held firmly by a metal buckle closure.

Easy-to-operate push Indiglo lighting

Viewing the time, date, alarm or any other function is convenient since the watch is digital.

In addition, the dial isn’t too cluttered and also clear. To make the viewing easy at night or in a poorly lit surrounding, the watch features a top pusher.

One press and it comes to life.

It distributes the light much better than other similar watches and also uses minimal energy. To further improve on the good night viewing, it also features night mode.

Our verdict

This timepiece gets nice scores in regards to the quality of build, design and elegance, easy operation, reliability, and accuracy.

It also enjoys good comments and reviews pertaining to simplicity, resistance to water, scratches, flexibility, and comfort.

However, it is a little large and not well suited for women. Taking all matters into account, the Timex T5E901 is an exceptional piece that is unlikely to let you down.