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Timex T5E231 Review: Full-Size Ironman Classic Watch

Timex T5E231 also referred to as Ironman is a basic watch. It suits users looking for a minimal-frill digital watch.

The timepiece comes in a size suitable for male wearers. The display is large and the numbers clear.

To find out if the watch is worth acquiring, we present the outstanding features as seen in the Timex T5E231 review.

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Timex Men's T5E231 Ironman Classic 100 Black/Yellow Resin...
  • Adjustable black 18mm resin strap with fits up to 8-inch wrist circumference
  • 100-hour chronograph with 100-lap memory; interval training timer; 24-hour countdown timer
  • 5 customizable alarms; 24-hour military time mode; 2 time zones; day, date & month calendar

Precise Japanese Quartz Movement

The digital piece depends on the quartz movement for time-telling.

The system comprises a small mechanism that is powered by a battery. It’s smaller the mechanic or automatic type and has lesser moving parts.

This makes it much lighter and requires little maintenance.

The mechanism has a frequency of 32,000 vibrations per second. It is an accurate timepiece and does not seem to skip or lag.

It stays within specs and will be off by not more than 2 seconds in a day. The hour, minute, second are all displayed in digit form for better reading.

According to consumers and experts, the battery appears to last for a long time, approximately 18-24 months.

Changing or replacing it is also not a problem.

Ultra Modern Digital Dial

Timex T5E231 on wrist

The watch showcase a modern appeal that brings a sort of change from the classic or traditional appeal.

You don’t see any round or circular face. No hands or hour markers.

Instead, you get a nice large LCD screen display with digital numbers.

It is made of acrylic and features a yellow border that gives it a sporty and fancy look.

The accent stands out from the black case and bracelet.

It comes with 24-hour countdown timer, stopwatch function with 100-lap memory, and alarm.

At the top section, you find the Timex brand written in bold and below it is the Ironman and triathlon inscription.

Viewing the time in the dark or at night is made easier by the Indiglo night light.

Black Flexible Resin Band

Wearing and taking off the timepiece ought not to be difficult.

First, the strap is very flexible and lightweight.

Second, it has a smooth finish, which does not feel sticky or cause the skin to sweat.

Third, the edges are rounded to prevent any roughness or the bracelet from pinching or nicking the skin.

The band is 9 inches long and 21mm wide.

And just like the case, it is lightweight. It is made from resin, which has an edge over rubber. It is much stronger but still very flexible. It does not harden or become brittle over time.

Compared to the like of leather or rubber, it is less affected by sweat or skin oil.

Timex T5E231 close up

Sporty Looking Resin Case

The case looks very sporty.

This aspect is confirmed by sport-associated features and functions. It has a countdown timer, lap memory, and stopwatch.

The unit is made from resin, which feels like a blend of rubber and plastic. It, however, seems to handle shock, abrasion, and the elements better.

It is black in color and you will find grayish accents on some points as well as some texts describing the functions.

It measures 45 millimeters in diameter and is relatively large.

The thickness is also big, standing at 13 mm.

However, despite the large and bulky nature, it is a lightweight watch, weighing about 1.60 Ounces.


This watch looks sporty and practical.

It does not have unnecessary writings or, logos, or branding. This creates a neat display for easy time viewing. It’s also lightweight, flexible and very wearable.

It has a smooth running and accurate quartz movement.

Certainly, this timepiece will prove very useful.