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Timex T49961 Review: Expedition Scout Nylon Strap Watch

The Timex brand has for decades been known for its simple and reliable watches.

They are basic, lightweight, and elegant but are still accurate when it comes to keeping time.

They also have a simple dial for easy time reading.

In Timex T49961 review, we’ll try to find out whether this specific one is a good choice.

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Timex Men's Expedition Scout 40mm Watch – Black Dial Gray...
  • Adjustable green 20mm nylon strap fits up to 8-inch wrist circumference
  • Black dial with date window at 3 o'clock; full Arabic numerals
  • Gray 40mm brass case with mineral glass crystal

Clear readable dial

This watch does score better than most other types in regards to readability.

Firstly, the dial/background is all black. Secondly, the hour and minute hands are white, which makes it easier to see against the black background.

Thirdly, the numerals are in Arabic and large. Fourthly, the makers and sharp-shaped hands feature luminosity for easy reading in the dark.

And to give the watch a military feel, the second’s hand is yellow in color.

Tough decently-sized case

Timex T49961 dial close up

With a case made of ion-plated brass (front) and stainless steel (back), the T49961 should handle regular use, knocks, bangs, abrasion, oils, sweat, moisture, and other things fairly well.

The highly polished finish contributes to its easy maintenance and is more resistant to rust, fading, tarnish or corrosion.

And with a dimension of just 40mm, 10mm thickness and weight of 3.84 ounces, the watch won’t feel too heavy or bulky on the wrist.

Hardwearing mineral crystal

The dial comprises a mineral crystal, which according to most analysts and experts can put up with abrasions, vibration, bangs, knocks and other things quite well.

Its flat design makes it flush nicely with the bezel and creating a seamless feel. And Despite lacking an antiglare coating, the unit isn’t affected by bright light or glare that much.

This aspect contributes to its good readability even in bright sunny situations.

Reliable quartz movement

Timex T49961 on wrist

Like a good number of watches from the brand, the Timex T49961 depends on Quartz movement to keep time.

It does score quite well when it comes to accuracy and you won’t need to keep adjusting or correcting the time. Many consumers claim that it may need only a small adjustment after several months.

The power reserve is also respectable and this should save you the trouble or worry of winding it too often.

Comfortable 20mm wide nylon slip-through strap

Comfort has always been a key selling point for Timex.

This is evident in this piece, which boasts of lightweight smooth-textured nylon straps. The nice finish doesn’t feel too rough or hard on the skin, and it also doesn’t leave any markings on the skin even after extended wearing.

Moreover, they don’t encourage sweat or odor courtesy of the good breathability.

The straps have strong stitching to prevent fraying or ripping and are held in place by a sturdy lightweight buckle enclosure.

Besides the green or gray, you also get them in other colors.

Final Word

The T49961 feels light and comfortable. And together with the good breathability of the straps and smoothly polished case, wearing the timepiece for an extended time is convenient.

It also has a nice easy-to-read face, maintains its accuracy, and has a tough case and crystal. These are but a few of the reasons that make it a watch worth buying.