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Timex T2N700 Review: Intelligent Quartz Fly-Back Chrono Watch

The T2N700 fly-Back watch has to be one of the most unique styles watches from Timex and in the market too.

The features, logo, and other things are not in the places we are used to.

The watch also looks very sophisticated but still stylish.

And in this Timex T2N700 review, we will pinpoint the aspects that stand out the most.

Timex Men's T2N700 Intelligent Quartz Fly-Back Chronograph...
  • Adjustable tan 20mm genuine leather strap fits up to 8-inch wrist circumference
  • Black dial with date window at 3 o'clock; full Arabic numerals; 2 retrograde subdials
  • 4-hour chronograph measures to 1/5th second; second time zone

Eye-Catching Unique Style

Most people give this watch a second glance once they see it.

First, the Timex logo is not at the common position, which is normally below the 12 o’clock index.

Instead, you find it between the 1 and 2 o’clock markers.

Second, the chronograph watch does not have circular or round subdials.

In contrast, you have a dial that is less than half a circle.

Third, the date/ day window is between 2and 3 o’clock marker and not at the 3 o’clock point.

The dial is all black just like the case.

All these give it a weird yet eye-catching appeal.

It also has a sophisticated and intelligent appeal.

Intelligent and Accurate Analog Quartz Movement

Timex T2N700 dial

According to many experts and consumers, the watch is very accurate.

The hands do not skip; they move swiftly, and it is always within specs.

It does not lose more than 2 seconds a day.

Deeper observation shows that it runs via Timex’s intelligent quartz movement.

The mechanism works okay and is very precise to a maximum pressure of 10 bars.

It is a classic analog watch, which allows you to “flyback” to the olden days.

It looks simple and does not have many frills, just as it was back.

The unit also doesn’t need too much care and is longlasting.

Cleverly Designed Chronograph

Most chronograph watches will have very distinct subdials.

They will look as if separate from the main watch.

This is probably why people say it is a watch within a watch.

With the T2N700 however, the “mini watches” seem to be part of the bigger watch.

They don’t come with a complete circle or feature defining a boundary.

Instead, you get the numerals and sticks without any identifiable distinction.

While this design seeks to bring out a new effect, some people say that it can be a little hard to understand especially for first-time users.

All in all, it does work quite well and is functional.

Black Tough Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet

Timex T2N700 angled

Both the case and bracelet are made of stainless steel, which appears to a preferred material by the company.

It’s tough, durable, resists fading, corrosion, and rust. It also is easy to wipe and clean.

The polished surface feels smooth to the skin whereas the black color blends nicely with the black dial.

With a case thickness of 13mm and a diameter of 43mm, it is surely a large watch, well suited for men.

The case comes in beige colored leather that is held together by a stainless steel buckle clasp.

The leather and black steel bring out a classic and durable look.

Final Verdict

This timepiece will go well with people who want to be noticed.

It has a unique styling where you find the logo, the brand name, and other functions placed at odd places.

The chronograph piece looks sophisticated.

Nevertheless, it’s among the functional and sturdy watches you will get in the market, It is high quality, precise, and also longlasting.