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Timex T2N651 Review – Unisex Weekender Nylon Strap Watch

Invented back in 1854, the Timex brand has stood the test of time.

It is famed for its indestructible, hardwearing nature, accuracy and reliability.

In fact, it was a popular pick during the First World War.

In the Timex T2N651 review, we want to ascertain whether this particular watch is as good as its predecessors.

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Timex Weekender Analog Beige Dial Unisex Watch - T2N651
  • Adjustable olive green 20 millimeter nylon slip-thru strap fits up to 8-inch wrist circumference. The case finish is polished
  • Cream dial with full Arabic numerals; 24-hour military time
  • Silver-tone 38 millimeter brass case with mineral glass crystal

Classic military design

The T2N651 has stuck to its long tradition of simplicity.

You get a classic design that boasts 24-hour military time and full Arabic numerals. Reading this timepiece feels a lot easier since the dial isn’t cluttered with unnecessary frills.

The other thing you find on the dial is the Timex insignia just below the 12/24 hour marker and the Indiglo name just above the 6/ 18-hour marker.

By directly printing the numbers on the dial instead of attaching them, chances of the numbers coming off are less likely.

Simple yet stylish white dial

The watch has minimal frills, which aim at making time reading easier.

It features a white dial round dial and black hour and minute hand. For the classic military look, the second’s arm is red in color.

The size of the Arabic numerals can be said to be decent and you should have little trouble reading time.

However, some consumers would have appreciated the timepiece more if it had a date or calendar.

Elegant polished silver brass case

Timex T2N651 on wrist

With a case measuring 38mm, the timepiece should fit on the wrists of most people well.

It doesn’t look too bulky or too small. And because of being somewhere in between, it’s considered by many as a unisex watch and both men and women can adorn it.

The wearability is furtherer boosted by the 9mm thickness and it’s relatively lightweight.

Wearing it for many hours should not be a problem owing to the polished case and the lightweight flexible nylon straps.

Flexible and smooth nylon straps

Wearability and comfort seem to be a key concern for Timex.

Most of its timepieces pride on lightweight straps, which together with a light case make wearing /removal easier and convenient.

The T2N651 has a lightweight and flexible nylon strap that should feel nice to the skin. It has a woven design and is thin which makes inserting it in the buckle enclosure easier.

The olive strap blends nicely with the polished silver case to bring out the classic appeal. The strap, unfortunately, isn’t as sturdy as leather or steel.

Timex T2N651 on table

Basic reliable mineral crystal

Like a good number of watches, this one also features a mineral crystal.

The round piece has good clarity and seems to hold its reliability and integrity for a longer time.

What’s more, it handles oils, fingerprints, sweat, greases, and moisture way better than similar types from other brands. It’s also more tolerant to glare, scratches, stains, and fingerprints.

However, it comes second to sapphire when in regards to hardness or resistance to scratches.

Final Verdict

The watch is without a doubt among the simplest watches around. It has a basic easy-to-read dial, feels just right on the wrist (lightweight case and flexible strap), and is fairly accurate.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with date/calendar function, the crystal isn’t as tough as sapphire, and the straps are not super strong.

So, is the Timex T2N651 worth buying? Yes, it is definitely is a worthy watch. Since the positives greatly outweigh the negatives and the price is just right.