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TAG Heuer CAN1010.BA0821 Review: Aquaracer Chronograph Watch

You know what?

TAG Heuer CAN1010.BA0821 is a name that crops up when talking about sophisticated, reliable, elegant, and highly functional watches.

This bold looking timepiece is a popular choice for both young and old.

And in this Tag Heuer CAN1010.BA0821 review, we will try to ascertain whether the watch is a worthy investment.

TAG Heuer Men's CAN1010BA0821 Aquaracer Stainless Steel...
  • Quartz movement
  • Scratch resistant sapphire crystal
  • Case diameter: 44.5 mm

Accurate and trusted Quartz movement

Many people who have owned the watch confess that it has among the most accurate pieces you’ll come across. It boasts of a quartz movement that appears to have an edge over its rivals.

And from what the manufacturer states, it will lose only a few seconds in a week. From closer inspection, we discover that the oscillator is steadier in comparison to the balance wheel found in other mechanical watches.

What this means is that it will maintain perfect movement and chances of it getting out of alignment are less likely.

Bold looking stainless steel case

TAG Heuer CAN1010.BA0821 close up

One thing that we can agree about the timepiece is that it looks very manly, bold and able to handle everyday use.

The case is made of robust stainless steel that should put-up with exposure to environmental factors (dirt, dust, temperatures, humidity…) fairly well.

Moreover, the steel is highly polished to make it more tolerant of oils, greases, sweat, fading and also less likely to corrode, rust or lose its elegance over time. The 44.5mm case, however, feels a little heavy for small hands and is also little large for thin wrists.

This makes it not so popular with women.

Sophisticated and functional dial

The watch’s dial stands out in many ways.

Firstly, it comes in a black color that makes viewing the silver hour markers and hands easier. Moreover, the hands and markers are well spaced for easier viewing and are visible in the dark or at night owing to their effective luminosity.

You also find Arabic numerals after each 5-second mark.

The stainless steel unidirectional bezel, together with the textured coin edge also contributes to the elegant and sophisticated look.

Simple functional scratch-resistant sapphire crystal

TAG Heuer CAN1010.BA0821 dial angled

If you worry about scratches or lose of elegance, then you will worry less when adorning this watch.

Unlike most other options, which boasts a mineral crystal, this one comes with a sapphire crystal. It has a higher hardness rating and will handle abrasions, bangs, knocks, and exposure to the elements better than most in its range.

Another notable aspect about the face is that it blends nicely with the bezel and case. Also notable is that it isn’t affected by glare and reading time even on hot sunny days shouldn’t be an issue.

Decent water-resistant of 1000 feet (300 m)

Many consumers and analysts give the timepiece a nod for its good water resistance.

It will function even in water as deep as 300 meters or 1000 feet. This positive aspect is due to the sturdy stainless steel construction, tough sapphire crystal face and air/ watertight nature.

Besides preventing entry of moisture, water or mist forming inside the crystal, it also handles the higher pressure well.

Taking a bath, showering, swimming, fishing, diving, walking in the rain, or snorkeling with the watch shouldn’t be a problem.

Final thoughts

The CAN1010.BA0821 is sturdily built and boots of strong stainless case & bezel and scratch resistant sapphire crystal.

It has a bold and functional face which together with the black dial, well spaced hour markers and illuminated hands make reading time easier, whether in the day or at night.

The only concern may be its slightly heavy nature and bold look. Nevertheless, this bad boy from TAG Heuer is definitely a watch that is worth investing in.