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Skagen 809XLTTM Review: Titanium Quartz Mens Watch

Whenever I hear of Skagen releasing a new watch, I get excited.

Not only because the company is known for making quality pieces, but because Skagen’s watches have some of the most unique and modern designs that one can find in an analog watch.

The prestigious Red Dot award for the design was bestowed upon Skagen for their incredible “809” collection.

And we take a deep dive into one of these award winners in this Skagen 809XLTTM review.

Watch Movement

Before checking out this watch’s innovative design, we first have to look at what keeps it ticking or the watch’s movement.

This watch uses the world-famous and heavily relied upon Quartz movement to power itself.

With quartz movements, you can rest assured that your watch is going to keep time and stay accurate without the need for the occasional rewinding.

This timepiece is powered by a battery that’s designed to keep perfect time, while also making maintenance much less of a hassle for you.

Dial Design

The incredible design on this watch is a true testament to Skagen’s vision of making modern, design-driven watches.

The dial features a deep blue textured background, with a light blue (almost gray) ring with orange seconds markers, which already shows a great understanding of color by the brand.

Skagen 809XLTTM angled

The watch uses silver-colored stick hour markers, with silver stick hands and a nice orange seconds hand.

All of these elements make for a very easy read of the watch, even with the three sub-dials, which are for displaying the date, day, and 24-hour time.

Case & Crown

This watch, along with all others in this line uses an incredible round titanium case.

The case measures 40mm in diameter, which is about the size for a lot of modern men’s watches out there.

And it measures only 9mm in width, which means that the watch will easily fit under the cuff of your favorite dress shirt.

The titanium is colored a nice silver tone, which perfectly contrasts the dark background of the dial.

The smooth crown on this watch is also made of titanium and allows for a convenient adjustment of the time, while not poking the wrist and feeling uncomfortable.


Without a doubt, this watch’s design is what makes it stand out in the crowd, and the bezel is another testament to that.

The stationary bezel doesn’t serve any extra function, however, Skagen chose to keep the bezel the same color as the case, which reaped classy and stunning results.

Skagen 809XLTTM on wrist

Strap & Buckle

The strap on this watch has a lug width of 24mm, which is a bit wide compared to most watches of the same size, but its design completely makes up for that.

The strap is made of textured titanium which shares the color of the case and feels incredible on the wrist.

The clasp on this watch also makes sure that the watch is secured to your wrist for however long you need to wear it.

Water Resistance

As this is not a utility watch, it won’t be that advisable to wear this watch while swimming or when going for a dive.

The watch is water-resistant up to 100m, which means that you can wear this in the shower without a problem, but the watch is not designed for heavy and intense exposure to water, which is important to keep in mind.


This watch was a very strong release by the Danish company.

It’s a perfect manifestation of modern and sleek watch design. From the details and color choices on the dial, all the way to materials used, this watch does not fail to impress.

If you’re looking for a fresh, stylish new watch, then Skagen should definitely be a top consideration!