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Seiko SNK805 Review – Green Canvas Automatic Seiko 5 Watch

Did you know?

Men who want a watch that is high end but is pocket-friendly usually go for the Seiko SNK805 a thought.

Many consumers praise the watch for being simple yet effective.

In fact, some go a step further to compare it to the likes of Omega, Patek, and Rolex.

However, is it a good pick?

The Seiko SNK805 review sheds more light on the key elements of the watch.

This very pocket-friendly watch scores highly for simplicity, reliability, durability, good quality, and accuracy.
  • Military-inspired stainless steel case
  • Modest and lightweight
  • Reliable 7S26C movement
  • Decent water resistance

Military-inspired stainless steel case

One notable thing about the watch is that it brings out a military appeal. Tough, rugged yet simple at the same time.

This is mainly due to the stainless steel case, which looks and feels very solid. It should be able to take the regular wearing, bangs, abrasion, knocks, impact, and exposure to the elements well.

Moreover, it comes in a matte finish to complete the look. and being stainless steel, the likelihood of this timepiece rusting, corroding, tarnishing, or losing its shiny polished look is unlikely.

Modest and lightweight

Seiko SNK805 angled

Without the crown, the watch measures 38mm and is also relatively lightweight.

It takes up little space on the wrist and should improve both wearability and convenience. The lightweight steel case together with the nylon straps contribute to this effect.

People who don’t admire heavy or bulky watches will find this accessory a better option.

Reliable 7S26C movement

Official data states that the watch will have a margin of error of -35 +/45 seconds daily.

This seems okay for such a basic watch. However, some consumers have claimed a better performance of -/+ 15 seconds. The good performance is attributed to the 7S26C movement.

An impressive feature about the mechanism is that it is none hacking and the second hand will continue to move even when setting time.

However, you can backhack the piece by exerting a little pressure on the crown in a reverse manner. How safe it is to do these still remains a matter of contention.

Decent water resistance

Seiko SNK805 on hand

Wearing the watch while bathing, taking a shower, walking in the rain, fishing or swimming should not be a major challenge.

The company says that it should handle the wetness and pressure to a depth of 100 feet or 30 meters. And although I am yet to try this out myself, most consumers who have done so say the timepiece handles perfectly.

Nevertheless, the timepiece isn’t suited for deep diving, scuba diving due to the 30-meter depth range, which lags behind some choices that can perform in depths as far as 330 feet/ 100 meters.

Pilot style face

You will not fail to notice the pilot-inspired face that blends fairly well with the military appeal. While the front has a matte finish, the sides are highly polished.

The flat Hardlex crystal and the thin nature do play a role in the appearance. One thing, however, is that although it appears thin, the watch isn’t the lightest in its class.

The smooth lightweight nylon strap nevertheless helps to deal with the shortcomings.

Final verdict

This watch does have some shortcomings. The nylon strap isn’t very strong and may feel a little rough on the edges initially.

In addition, the water resistance falls behind some of its rivals. The watch, however, scores highly for simplicity, reliability, durability, good quality, and accuracy. And despite this, it is very pocket-friendly.

Considering all aspects, the Seiko SNK805 is certainly worth buying.