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Seiko SNK803 Review – Automatic Watch with Beige Canvas Strap

Did you know?

Of the several watches from the Seiko 5 Series, the SNK803 is the most commonly mentioned.

The military-inspired piece appeals to both the young and old.

Many say that Although it costs under $ 200, it is a remarkable and high-value piece.

But how true is this?

The Seiko SNK803 review should help us ascertain its worth.

The watch is without a doubt well built, simple to operate, reliable, accurate and durable.
  • Well machined sturdy stainless steel case
  • Hardwearing proprietary hardlex crystal
  • Smooth and accurate Seiko 7S26B movement
  • Simplistic military styled dial

Well machined sturdy stainless steel case

With a case measuring 37mm in diameter, the watch does fit nicely on the wrist. It doesn’t look too bulky or too small.

This aspect is further enhanced by the 11mm thickness, which also contributes to its fairly lightweight. The piece features a smooth finish, which doesn’t feel rough on the skin.

Being stainless steel, the possibility of the watch rusting or corroding is unlikely. And as you may already know, stainless steel watches from Seiko score highly when it comes to maintaining their elegance.

The upper section is matte while the underside is polished. Generally, the case resists scratches, fading, and dents fairly well.

Hardwearing proprietary Hardlex crystal

Seiko SNK803 on wrist

Similar to other watches in the Seiko 5 series (SNK805, SNK807, SNK809…) the SNK803 also comes with a Hardlex crystal.

This mineral is associated with the brand and enjoys good comments in regards to its hardness, durability, and tolerance to scratches.

The hardened crystal may not be as hard as sapphire but is better than mineral. It also isn’t affected by sun glare despite not having an anti-reflective coating.

You should, therefore, enjoy decent views even under the bright light. It also has good resistance to oils, moisture and misting and cleanup should, therefore, be easy.

Nevertheless, you still need to take good care of it since it won’t withstand falling from great heights, heavy bangs, knock or smashes.

Smooth and accurate Seiko 7S26B movement

The Seiko 7S26B movement was a great advancement from the earlier 7S26A movement, which was a little problematic.

And to let you know that this watch has the Seiko 7S26B movement, the manufacturer has clearly displayed this on the back. You also can confirm its mechanism by simply glancing at the exhibition window, which also has the watch’s specification inscribed.

The smooth mechanism allows the watch to keep accurate time. In fact, it won’t lose more than 5 seconds a day. What’s more, it has a 42-hour power reserve, which is better than most watches in a similar class.

Simplistic military styled dial

seiko snk803 on table

The watch’s dial is very basic and seems to follow the trend set by other Seiko 5 watches. The dial comes in a round shape and isn’t cluttered.

You’ll find the hour, minute, and second hands and all feature luminosity for easy viewing in the dark. In addition, there is the calendar/date window and Arabic numerals depicting the minutes and hours.

This piece comes with a beige background but you can find other variations in blue, black, and green. A standard observation is that the straps are made of canvas and all have a color that matches the dial.

The lug length is 18mm and the straps are secured via a buckle enclosure.

Bottom line

The watch is without a doubt well built, simple to operate, reliable, accurate and durable. It should put-up with regular use well and is also resistant to scratches, vibration, knocks, and bangs. Nevertheless, it won’t handle extensive abuse well such as diving or swimming with it, or too much banging or falling from great heights.

Anyone looking for a basic but high quality, reliable and accurate timepiece will find the Seiko SNK803 a good choice.