Quartz Watch vs Automatic Watch: What Makes The Difference?

Based on the principle of operation of the movement, people divide the watches into different categories. The most popular today are Quartz watches and Automatic watches. But are they two of a kind? The answer is no.

Let’s dive into this article to see Quartz watch vs automatic watch – What makes the difference between them?

Quartz watch vs automatic watch: What makes the difference?

What is Quartz watch?

Quartz watches are timepieces that create the batteries for counting time purposes through the back-and-forth movements of quartz crystals in an electric field. For that reason, they also go by another name: battery watches.

What is Automatic 

Automatic watches (also called automatic winding watches) are wristwatches using movements made of mechanical components (not related to electronics).

Their power comes from the winding, which will automatically wind when you put the watch on and then just move your arm around.

In other words, you only need to wear it for about 8 hours a day for the watch to work without the need for a winding or battery replacement.

Based on the principle of Earth’s gravity, once you move the rotor articulatio plana within the watch movement, it will move round the fastened axis so transfer that energy to the spring and also the winding twine, rather like once you flip the wire by hand.

Automatic watches and Quartz watches – The Main Differences


Because the crystal fluctuations are quite stable, Quartz watches are usually more accurate than automatic watches. However, some models of Automatic watches today, after thorough research on technology also achieved significant achievements in terms of accuracy.


Due to the oscillating characteristics of quartz crystals, the movement of the quartz hand movement often jumps in seconds. Meanwhile, the automatic hand clock runs very smoothly.


Quartz watches have a simple structure, so they are lighter than automatic watches


Due to the complicated design, made up of many details, with many features, automatic watches are usually more expensive than quartz watches.


In conclusion, Quartz and Automatic watches have very different identification characteristics. 

If you decide upon a neat, handy battery watch, and do not have to worry about recharging , Quartz watches are the optimal desire for you. 

In contrast, if you prefer the classic fashion with manual operation, automatic watches may be a high-quality companion

Through this article, we hope that you can understand some basic and distinguishing information about Quartz watch vs automatic watch to be able to choose a suitable model for yourself.