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Orient FAA02005D9 Review: Ray II Automatic Diving Watch

The Orient FAA02005D9 is chosen by people looking for a reliable, stylish, high quality yet affordable automatic watch.

It shares lots of similarities to its sibling and stablemate from the Mako II series.

And in this Orient FAA02005D9 review highlights the key features of the watch.

ORIENT Men's Japanese Automatic / Hand-Winding Stainless...
  • Orient Cal. F6922 Automatic, Hand-winding, Hacking Movement
  • Case Diameter: 41.5mm without crown.Case Thickness:13mm. Power Reserve: Approximately 40 hours
  • To change the date, rotate the crown counter clockwise.

Reflective Deep Blue Dial

The first thing many people notice about the watch is the deep blue shiny dial. It has a glittery appeal that makes it stand out even more.

In fact, when placed side by side to its nearest match, the Mako II, which has a black dial, many people will more likely opt for this one.

The chic-looking background is farther enhanced by the shiny star-burst patterns and the silver-time indices.

You’ll also realize that it doesn’t look too cluttered courtesy of very few texts and inscriptions. You only have a framed date/day window and a small company logo beneath the 12 O’clock hour marker.

Beveled Date Window

Orient FAA02005D9

Usually, the date window on most watches arise simple and does stand out.

It will be a simple cut. However, in this Ray II watch, the manufacturer did take some time to make it not only stylish but also classy. Like most types in the market, it’s found at the 3 O’clock index.

However, it comes with a beveled design which makes it more noticeable. Also, the frame is has a chrome finish instead of a simple cutout whereas the date and day are clearly printed.

All the days of the week except Sunday come in black while the latter is in a bright red color. And Depending on your location or preference, you can choose to set it in either Spanish or English language.

Thin 120-Click Unidirectional Bezel

Just like the dial, the bezel is well thought out. It stands out because of its scalloped-edge which matches the smooth rounded finish of the case and bracelets.

Also, in contrast to the more common 60-click styling, this one has 120 clicks. The appeal is further boosted by the clear marks. There is one after the first 15 minutes, then after every 5-minute interval. You’ll also discover a pip with nice luminosity at the 12 O’clock point.

Turning the unidirectional bevel may feel a little hard owing to its thinner profile in comparison to other types. Nevertheless, it holds its point quite well and produces a nice clicking sound.

And just like the case and steel, it’s also made of stainless steel and has a smooth polished finish.

Orient FAA02005D9 on wrist

Simple Polished Stainless Steel Case

Simplicity best defines this watch. First, you get a basic stainless steel case that measures 41.5mm in diameter and is about 13mm thick.

The other thing you’ll see is a simple crown and crown guards at the 3 O’clock hour marker. Another noticeable thing may be the rounded-off design at the top and bottom. The left side of the case has no features. And similar to the case, the lugs also look a little plain.

While some people appreciate its simplicity, there are those who would have loved it to be a little shiny or have some extra features, especially on the left side.

Orient FAA02005D9 Dive Watch Video

Learn the details of why the Orient FAA02005D9 is one of the best values in the entire dive watch market in this excellent overview video.

Orient FAA02005D9 Dive Watch Overview Video

Final Verdict

True to what many people and reviewers state, this Ray II timepiece is a remarkable piece but still among the most affordable. The movement is very precise and the unit only losses a few seconds in a month.

Moreover, the sturdy steel construction (case and bracelet) together with the tough mineral crystal ensures that it maintains its professional and timeless appeal for a long time. This is definitely a watch that is worth the money and time.