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Nurses Fob Watch: An Essential Guide

A nurse’s daily routine involves monitoring patients, administering medications, and maintaining accurate records, all within a fast-paced environment. To keep track of time and ensure that crucial tasks are completed punctually, a reliable timekeeping device is essential. Fob watches have been a staple accessory among healthcare professionals for decades. Their unique design allows nurses to quickly glance at the time, without having to fumble with a wristwatch.

Fob watches, also known as nurse’s watches, are designed with a clip or pin that can be attached to a uniform or lanyard, keeping the watch secure and readily accessible. The watch face typically has a clear, easy-to-read design with large digits and hour markers. This practical timepiece helps ensure that healthcare professionals stay on schedule while focusing on patient care. Fob watches are not just for nurses. Physical therapists, doctors, or medical students would also benefit.

When looking to purchase a fob watch, consider factors such as durability, accuracy, and ease of use. The watch’s case should be made of a sturdy material that can withstand frequent use and potential exposure to water or other liquids. Additionally, the watch mechanism should maintain accurate timekeeping, ensuring that medication schedules and other time-sensitive tasks are not compromised. Finally, look for designs that make reading the time and cleaning the watch an effortless process.

Choosing the perfect nurse’s fob watch is no small task, but understanding the key features that make a reliable and efficient timepiece can simplify your decision. The following sections will delve into the world of fob watches, exploring different materials, designs, and functionalities to help guide your purchase and ensure that your new timekeeping companion is up to the challenge of your busy workday.

Best Nurses Fob Watches

To help you find the perfect accessory for your profession, we have compiled a list of the best nurses fob watches available on Amazon. Explore these top picks to ensure you stay punctual and stylish in the healthcare environment.

Alladaga Set of 3 Nurse Fob Watches

Alladaga Set of 3 Nurse Fob Watches

The Alladaga Set of 3 Nurse Fob Watches is a worthy purchase for nurses seeking practical, reliable, and affordable timekeeping options.


  • Glow-in-the-dark feature for night shifts
  • Easy-to-carry design with silicone case and security pin
  • Versatile with three different color options


  • Might have battery life concerns
  • No explicit warranty information
  • Dial face diameter may be small for some users

The Alladaga Set of 3 Nurse Fob Watches come in a practical set that offers three timepieces in different colors: blue, rose, and white. This variety allows you to switch between the watches according to your mood or the occasion, ensuring a refreshing change while maintaining professionalism.

Each fob watch has a silicone case with a security pin, making it easy to attach to your pocket or stethoscope and ensuring it stays in place throughout your working day. Additionally, the silicone case provides protection against potential damage from accidental falls.

The high precision quartz movement of these watches is accompanied by a glow-in-the-dark feature, making them ideal for night shifts or dimly lit environments where visibility might be a concern. However, some users have noted concerns regarding the battery life, so it may be wise to have spare batteries on hand.

While the dial face diameter of these fob watches is 28 millimeters, which might be small for some users, the watches still offer a stylish and functional timekeeping solution for nurses and medical professionals. If you’re searching for an affordable, versatile, and practical solution for your timekeeping needs, the Alladaga Set of 3 Nurse Fob Watches is a solid choice.

Outus 4 Pieces Nurse Watch

Outus 4 Pieces Nurse Watch

This Outus Nurse Watch set is a practical and stylish option for medical professionals seeking a functional timepiece.


  • Convenient clip-on design
  • Easy to clean silicone cover
  • Choice of flower patterns


  • Not suitable for those who prefer analog
  • Battery life concerns
  • Screen may be too small for some

This Outus 4 Pieces Nurse Watch set features cute flower patterns and comes with four different retractable badge reel watches, making it a wonderful gift for medical students or professional nurses. The silicone cover not only provides a secure grip on the watch but is also easy to clean, ensuring your watch remains hygienic in a busy medical environment.

The clip-on design allows you to easily attach the watch to your clothing, keeping it safe and readily accessible without the inconvenience of a wristwatch. The screen orientation is adjustable, enabling you to read the time without removing the watch from your clothing, making it more efficient and practical for daily usage.

While the digital display may not appeal to those who prefer a traditional analog design, it offers easy and quick time reading. Some users have noted that battery life may not be as long-lasting as desired, but it is worth considering the convenience and practicality these watches offer as part of your medical toolkit.

Speidel Nurse Fob Scrub Watch

Speidel Nurse Fob Scrub Watch

The Speidel Nurse Fob Scrub Watch is a practical choice for medical professionals looking for a convenient and functional timepiece.


  • Easy-to-read dial with 12 & 24-hour markers
  • Durable stainless steel material
  • Retractable rope and clip-on design


  • Slightly heavy for some users
  • May not be suitable for constant water exposure
  • Limited color options

The Speidel Nurse Fob Scrub Watch features a clean, white dial with both 12 and 24-hour markers, making it easy for you to quickly glance at the time during your busy shifts. The stainless steel case and band ensure durability, while the retractable rope and clip-on attachment allow you to secure it to your scrubs conveniently.

One possible downside is the weight of the watch, which some users might find a bit heavy for wearing on their scrubs all day. Additionally, with a water resistance depth of only 1 meter, it may not be well suited for constant exposure to water, such as when frequently washing hands. Lastly, the limited color options may not appeal to those looking for more variety in their watch design.

In conclusion, the Speidel Nurse Fob Scrub Watch is an ideal choice for nurses and other medical professionals who need a reliable, easy-to-read, and durable watch. Its retractable rope and clip-on design make it a convenient accessory during long hours spent in the hospital or clinic. Just be cautious with constant water exposure and consider if the weight works for you.

SibyTech Nurse Watch Brooch

SibyTech Nurse Watch

The SibyTech Nurse Watch Brooch is a reliable choice for medical professionals that require an easy-to-read, functional, and versatile timepiece.


  • Glow in the dark design for night shifts
  • Easy to carry with a secure pin and soft material
  • Simple to sterilize with a detachable dial


  • Not suitable for swimming or showering
  • Must absorb light to glow in the dark
  • Might have quality control issues

The SibyTech Nurse Watch Brooch stands out with its glow in the dark design, making it easy to read during night shifts. The high-quality quartz movement ensures accurate timekeeping, while the silicon rubber housing and security pin provide convenience and durability. This fob watch is ideal for nurses and other medical professionals who require a practical timepiece.

The watch is easy to carry, attaching securely to your pocket or stethoscope with its pin. The soft silicon material also ensures it does not cause any discomfort while you carry out your duties. Additionally, the dial separates effortlessly from the casing, making it easy to sterilize and maintain a hygienic workspace. This feature is particularly useful for those working in medical clinics.

Although the SibyTech Nurse Watch Brooch is ideal for daily waterproof use, it cannot be submerged in water or used during activities like swimming, diving, or showering. To make the watch glow in the dark, it must first absorb light from a nearby source. Be mindful that some customers have reported quality control issues, such as a broken minute hand upon arrival. Perform an initial inspection when you receive your watch to ensure it is in perfect working condition.

Overall, the SibyTech Nurse Watch Brooch offers several essential features for medical professionals in a compact, easy-to-read, and easy-to-carry design.

Avaner Retractable Nurse Watch

Avaner Retractable Nurse Watch

A reliable and stylish nurse fob watch that brightens up your day with its medical theme pattern and retractable design.


  • Medical theme pattern with 39 styles available
  • Durable retractable elastic rope (70.5cm/27.8in max), easy to use
  • Precise time keeping with an extra battery included


  • No real-world experience mentioned in reviews
  • Some concerns about the watch being dropped
  • May not be suitable for heavy-duty use

The Avaner Retractable Nurse Watch is designed with medical professionals in mind. With its 39 different medical theme patterns and simple white dial, this cute fob watch doubles as both a functional timepiece and a unique conversational item that can easily brighten up your day and your interactions with patients.

Featuring a durable retractable elastic rope measuring up to 70.5cm (27.8in), this nurse watch is not only convenient for checking the time but also worry-free, as you won’t have to deal with broken ropes. Moreover, the watch is equipped with a high-quality quartz movement that ensures precise and accurate timekeeping. With the extra battery included, you can count on long-lasting performance without the worry of unexpected power outages.

Despite its numerous advantages, some caveats should be noted. As there are no mentions of real-world experience in the reviews, it remains unclear how well the Avaner Retractable Nurse Watch performs in actual work settings. Furthermore, a few users have expressed concerns about the watch being dropped, which may imply that it’s not the best choice for heavy-duty use or particularly rough working environments.

However, overall, the Avaner Retractable Nurse Watch is an appealing option for nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals who need a stylish yet functional timepiece to help them stay organized and on schedule. Its eye-catching medical-themed patterns, durable retractable design, and reliable timekeeping make it a solid choice for everyday use.

WIOR Nurse Lapel Pin Watch

WIOR Nurse Lapel Pin Watch

The WIOR Nurse Lapel Pin Watch is a great choice for medical professionals in need of a convenient timekeeping solution.


  • Unisex design suitable for men and women
  • Pin-on design for versatile placement options
  • Durable alloy material with quartz movement


  • Not waterproof; not suitable for bathing or swimming
  • Pin closure may not be secure enough for some users
  • No gift box included, as mentioned in some reviews

The WIOR Nurse Lapel Pin Watch is a simple, yet stylish timepiece designed specifically for medical professionals like doctors and nurses. The unisex design makes it suitable for anyone who works in a hospital or other healthcare environment. With its pin-on design, you can easily attach the watch to your clothing or uniform, keeping it within easy reach but not getting in the way of your work.

Crafted from durable alloy materials, this watch features a quartz movement for accurate timekeeping and comes in an appealing silver finish. While it boasts daily life water resistance, it is important to remember that it is not suitable for activities like swimming or bathing.

One notable concern for users is the pin closure, which may not be secure enough for some people’s preference. Additionally, despite being advertised with a gift box in the product photos, some reviews mention that the watch does not actually come with one. In conclusion, the WIOR Nurse Lapel Pin Watch offers a functional and stylish solution for medical professionals in need of a reliable timepiece, but it may not meet everyone’s preferences in terms of water resistance and pin security.

Outus 18 Pieces Silicone Nurse Watch

Outus 18 Pieces Silicone Nurse Watch

Consider the Outus 18 Pieces Silicone Nurse Watch for a functional, colorful, and easy-to-wear accessory for medical professionals.


  • Assorted colors for easy matching with outfits
  • Made of durable and flexible quartz and silicone
  • Simple clip-on design for added convenience


  • Not water-resistant
  • Slight color differences due to screen displays
  • Manual measurements may have minor size errors

The Outus 18 Pieces Silicone Nurse Watch set is designed specifically for nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals who require a convenient and easy-to-read timepiece. The assorted colors in this pack of 18 watches allow you to match your watch with your outfit, ensuring a coordinated look every day.

Constructed from quality quartz and silicone materials, these nurse watches are not only flexible but also solid enough to withstand daily wear and tear. Furthermore, the silicone cover is detachable from the watch dial, allowing for easy cleaning and infection control.

Featuring a clip-on design, these watches can easily be fastened to your clothing, ensuring the watch stays put and doesn’t drop onto the floor. However, it is essential to remember that these watches are not water-resistant, so be cautious around water and avoid soaking them.

In conclusion, the Outus 18 Pieces Silicone Nurse Watch set is a practical and stylish option for medical professionals who require a reliable and comfortable timepiece. With various colors to choose from and an easy-to-wear design, these watches can make an excellent addition to any medical wardrobe.

AGEN KGEN 4 Pack Nurse Watches

AGEN KGEN Nurse Watches

These lightweight and easy-to-read AGEN KGEN Nurse Watches are a solid choice for medical professionals who value convenience and style.


  • Easy to read dial with 05-60 digital design
  • Luminous hands for reading in the dark
  • Lightweight and easy to carry (35 grams)


  • Some users report inconsistent timekeeping
  • Potential hazard with glass face
  • Battery may arrive already running

AGEN KGEN offers a 4-pack of nurse fob watches that feature an easy-to-read dial, making it simple for medical professionals to keep track of important information such as IV time, pulse time, and drip rate. The high-quality movement and specially designed dial allow for easy reading and accurate timekeeping.

Equipped with luminous hands, these fob watches make it convenient to check the time in the dark – a valuable feature for those working night shifts. The silicone outer shell and clip attachment ensure that your watch stays secure and well-protected, while the lightweight design (weighing only 35 grams) ensures comfort and easy portability.

However, some users have reported issues regarding inconsistent timekeeping and the battery arriving already running, which may affect the watch’s long-term reliability. Additionally, the glass face presents a potential hazard in case of accidental breakage.

Overall, the AGEN KGEN 4 Pack Nurse Watches offer a practical and stylish solution for nurses and medical professionals. Despite some concerns about reliability, these watches’ convenient features and colorful designs make them an appealing option for those in the healthcare field.

LinTimes Fob Watches for Nurses

LinTimes Fob Watches for Nurses

This set of LinTimes Fob Watches is a versatile and stylish choice for healthcare professionals who need a reliable timekeeping tool.


  • Variety of 10 colors for different moods and occasions
  • Easy-to-read quartz watch with unique safety clip-style needle design
  • Durable and easy to clean silicone material


  • Some watches may have dead batteries upon arrival
  • Not all watches may keep accurate time
  • Quality control issues with some fobs missing pins

The LinTimes Fob Watches come in a set of 10 with various colors, allowing you to match them with your scrubs or wear according to your mood. These easy-to-read watches feature a medical silicone strap and a safety clip-style needle design, making it easy to securely attach them to your pocket. They are water-resistant, stain-resistant, and easy to clean, making them ideal for healthcare professionals who are constantly on the go.

However, these watches may not be perfect, as some customers have reported receiving watches with dead batteries or issues with the watches not keeping accurate time. Additionally, there have been instances of missing pins on some of the watch fobs. Nonetheless, the affordability and visually appealing design of these LinTimes watches make them an attractive option for healthcare workers who desire convenience, style, and functionality all in one package.

In conclusion, the LinTimes Fob Watches for Nurses provide a fun and practical way for healthcare professionals to express their style while still having a reliable timekeeping tool at their disposal. While some quality control issues might arise, the versatility and affordability of these watches make them a worthwhile purchase.

Lancardo Lapel Watch for Nurses

Lancardo Lapel Watch

This Lancardo Lapel Watch is a great choice for nurses and medical professionals who need a reliable and stylish timepiece.


  • High quality quartz movement for accurate timekeeping
  • Retractable clip-on design for secure attachment
  • Easy-to-clean silicone cover with a cute leaves pattern


  • May be slightly heavy for some users
  • Not fully waterproof, only water-resistant
  • No clear instructions on how to install the battery

This Lancardo Lapel Watch is designed specifically for nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals who need a reliable watch for their daily work. Featuring high-quality quartz movement, this watch ensures accurate timekeeping, making it perfect for tasks such as recording vital signs or administering medications.

One of the best aspects of this watch is its retractable clip-on design. The robust and secure clip allows you to easily attach the watch to your uniform, ensuring it stays in place throughout your shift. It also serves as a fashionable accessory, with the cute leaves pattern adding a touch of style to the already practical silicone cover.

The easy-to-clean silicone cover is an excellent feature, as it can be quickly and efficiently cleaned in between patients or throughout your shift. However, it’s important to note that the watch is water-resistant and not fully waterproof, so it can’t be submerged in water.

Unfortunately, it has been reported that the watch is slightly heavy for some users, which may cause discomfort when wearing it for extended periods. Additionally, some users mentioned a lack of clear instructions on how to install the battery, which could be problematic for those not familiar with replacing watch batteries.

Overall, the Lancardo Lapel Watch is a functional and stylish option for nurses and medical professionals looking for a reliable timepiece. Its pros far outweigh the cons, making it an excellent investment for those in the healthcare industry.

Buying Guide

When looking for a Nurses Fob Watch, there are several factors to consider to ensure you choose the ideal product for your needs. This guide will help you navigate the process by focusing on the crucial aspects to keep in mind while making your decision.

Firstly, durability and build quality should be your top priority. As you’ll be using the fob watch daily in a healthcare environment, it needs to be strong and withstand regular use. Opt for models that feature quality materials such as stainless steel or durable plastic.

Size and weight also matter, as the watch should be comfortable to wear throughout the day. Look for fob watches that are compact and have a lightweight design. It helps prevent them from getting in the way during your daily activities or becoming cumbersome over time.

A fob watch should have easy-to-read numbers and symbols. Choose watches with clean and clear dials and uncluttered display. This ensures you can quickly glance at the time or stopwatch without difficulty, enhancing efficiency during your workday.

Water resistance is another essential factor to consider. Being a nurse entails dealing with various fluids and ensuring cleanliness in the workplace. A fob watch that can easily resist water or disinfectant sprays will allow you to maintain hygiene standards without the risk of damaging it.

Lastly, consider the additional features that can be useful, such as a date display, glow-in-the-dark hands, or a stopwatch function. Remember to prioritize the features that are crucial for your job and avoid those that may complicate the product or raise its price unnecessarily.

By keeping these factors in mind, you’ll be well on your way to selecting the ideal Nurses Fob Watch that meets your requirements and complements your professional attire.

Video – Changing the Battery in a Nurse’s Fob Watch

The video below demonstrates how to change the battery in a nurses fob watch.

nurses fob watch video – changing the battery

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a nurse’s fob watch typically cost?

Nurse’s fob watches can vary in price depending on the brand, materials, and features. You can find affordable fob watches for as low as $10, while high-end models can cost upwards of $100. It’s essential to consider your budget and the watch’s quality before making a purchase.

What are the best fob watches for male and female nurses?

Selecting the best fob watch for you depends on personal taste and requirements. Some popular brands for both male and female nurses include Prestige Medical, Speidel, and Dakota. Look out for features such as luminescent hands, easily readable dials, and water-resistant materials.

Are there any vintage nurse fob watches available?

Yes, vintage nurse fob watches are available, but they may require some effort to find. Check antique shops, online auctions, or specialty watch stores that deal in vintage pieces. Ensure the watch is in good condition, and keep in mind that these watches may require more upkeep compared to newer models.

Where can one purchase a nurse’s fob watch?

You can purchase a nurse’s fob watch at local retailers, specialty watch stores, or online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. Shopping online gives you the advantage of browsing multiple designs and brands at once, making it easier to find the perfect fob watch for your needs.

Why are fob watches commonly used by nurses?

Fob watches are popular among nurses due to their practicality and ease of use. They keep their hands free while still providing a quick, accurate time check. Additionally, fob watches can be easily cleaned and sterilized, reducing the risk of spreading infection in medical settings.

What is the proper name for a fob watch?

A fob watch, also known as a pocket watch, was traditionally carried in a waistcoat or jacket pocket and attached to a chain or ribbon. Today, fob watches have evolved into a practical accessory for healthcare professionals, including nurses, who often attach them to their uniforms for easy access.