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Invicta 8932 Review – Pro Diver Quartz Stainless Steel Watch

Did you know?

The kind of dive watches you select plays a role in its functionality, reliability, performance, and durability.

The 8932 Pro Diver by Invicta is a popular choice.

It targets users searching for a modest and functional piece.

But how does it fare against other top brands?

In this Invicta 8932 review, we will briefly take a peek at its key features.

It feels tough and also relatively lightweight to endure everyday use and with its good built quality, reliability and affordability, it’s certainly worth buying.
  • Bold professional appearance
  • Stylish polished stainless steel case
  • Seamless and accurate movement
  • Easy view transparent date cyclops

Bold Professional Appearance

Invicta 8932 on wrist

The watch excludes masculinity at its best.

Firsts, it features a round face, which seems to be the main preference for men. Secondly, it’s made of stainless steel and has minimal frills.

You get the traditional style hands, a mineral dial, and a date Cyclops at the 3 o’clock position. This watch’s appearance looks similar to the classic Rolex Submariner watch.

The only difference being it’s not as “Boxy”. And with a weight of about 8 ounces, the watch feels a little heavy and possibly the reason it’s not a unisex watch.

Stylish Polished Stainless Steel Case

With a solid case made of stainless steel case, this diver watch does seem well suited for daily use.

The sturdy case is just 37mm in diameter and 11 millimeters thick. It feels lighter on the wrist and wearing it all day or night long won’t be an issue.

We also love the seamless transition between it and the stainless steel band. Unlike types that have a more boxy nature, the smooth transition gives it a professional look rather than the “Army Tank” appearance.

The steel clasp/buckle work well and keep the watch firm on the wrist.

Seamless and Accurate Movement

Invicta 8932 close up

The 8932 runs on PC32A Japanese quartz movement and like other models in the same series, the hands move in a sweeping motion.

Unlike its automatic stalemates, it’s much smaller. The matte black background works nicely with the luminous hands to provide decent clarity.

Moreover, the mechanism is protected by the brushed stainless steel case and a mineral crystal dial. To improve legibility especially in the sunny outdoors, the dial features an anti-reflective coating.

Easy –View Transparent Date Cyclops

Like the Rolex, the Invicta also features a Cyclops.

It’s located adjacent to the 3 o’clock marker and features a decent magnifier for quick viewing of the date.

The aperture is fairly large in comparison or other types and should offer better clarity. The numbers can be seen even in not-so-bright situations while the nice placement ensures there is a minimal obstruction.

However, it will get dirty or dusty over time and thorough cleaning is necessary.

Thin Stainless Steel Bracelet

I don’t know whether this is a plus or a minus.

The 8932 boasts of an 18mm long stainless steel band and should comfortably fit on most men. It tapers to 16mm at the ends for easy insertion and removal from the steel clasp.

Some men love its thin nature since it feels more comfy on the hand. On the other hand, there are those who feel that it’s a little thin for a man’s watch.

The good thing nevertheless is that the solid construction and sturdy stainless steel material will handle regular use, abrasion, and the elements well.

Final Thoughts

For a Pro Diver watch, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Invicta 8932 does fairly well. It feels tough and also relatively lightweight to endure everyday use. The timepiece also runs smoothly and keeps its precision for a long time.

The only concern for some people is that it is much smaller than other diver watches. But with its good built quality, reliability and affordability, it’s certainly worth buying.