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How To Wear A Fob Watch

Pocket watches are a timeless accessory, but figuring out how to wear one can be tricky. Boasting a variety of styles and designs, these elegant timepieces require careful styling for the perfect look.

Our article will guide you through selecting the perfect fob watch and matching it with your wardrobe seamlessly. Read on to discover just how effortlessly you can make this vintage classic work in your favor!

Key Takeaways

  • A fob watch is a small fancy watch. It hooks to clothes with a chain, clip, carabiner, or pin.
  • Different types of fob watches have different colors and designs. Some are gold or silver, some have lids, and others do not.
  • You can wear a fob watch in many ways. Put it on your waistcoat, shirt, jeans pocket or use it as a necklace.
  • Take good care of your fob watch so it stays shiny and works well for many years.

What is a Fob Watch?

A fob watch is a special kind of pocket watch. It’s often made of shiny metals like stainless steel, silver, or gold. This small timepiece has a chain attached to it. People hook the chain to their clothes so they don’t lose the watch. It may also have a pin, a clip or a carabiner.

This fancy watch brings style and class with it. Adding this vintage piece can make your outfit look more elegant. A lot of people find a fob watch charming because of its old-fashion charm. The watch is also practical, and preferred in some professions. For example nurses use fob watches.

Video – How to Wear a Fob Watch

Watch this video to learn how to wear a fob watch correctly. This video explains how to thread the pocket watch chain through the buttonholes of your vest or suit.

How to wear a fob watch (pocket watch) video

The Different Styles of Fob Watches

Fob watches come in numerous styles to suit a variety of preferences. Color options typically range from classic stainless steel, silver and gold tones. The design or face of the watch can be an open pocket style, hunter’s style with a spring-hinged cover or half-hunter that has both cover and window for quick viewing of time.

Chains vary too—with T-bar chains being most common—yet slide bars or bolt rings may also appeal depending on your outfit’s compatibility. Whether you prefer simple lines or intricate etchings on your fob watch, there’s certainly one out there that impeccably matches your taste and needs.


You can pick a fob watch in many colors. The color says a lot about the watch’s style. For example, stainless steel pocket watches look sleek and modern. They work well with formal and casual outfits.

Gold pocket watches show luxury and grace. They are perfect for fancy events or to add some shine to an outfit. Silver pocket watches have a classic feel that never goes out of style.

These watches can match any clothing color or other accessories you wear.


Fob watches come in many cool looks. Some have an open face to show the time fast. Others, like a hunter pocket watch, hide the face under a lid. It helps keep the watch safe when not used.

Double-hunter styles have two lids for extra care, and half-hunter ones have a small hole to peek at the time. They use different stuff like stainless steel or gold to make them look fancy or simple as you want!

Chain Type

Fob watches go well with chains. There are two kinds of chains: Single Albert and Double Albert. The Single Albert chain is used a lot. It has one chain that goes from the watch to the vest.

The Double Albert chain has two chains going from the button to both pockets in a waistcoat (vest). Some watch chains have a pendant hanging from its front on the T-bar, just over your buttons.

Essential Parts of a Fob Watch

A fob watch is a classic timepiece made up of key elements: the watch itself, an attachment part (usually a T-bar or clip), and the signature chain – exploring each component enriches the understanding and appreciation for these ornate Swiss watches.

What truly makes each piece unique? Let’s delve deeper into this fascinating conversation!


A pocket watch has many parts. It holds a dial, clockwork and metal covers inside it. This part is called the “watch.” Today’s pocket watches may use an attachment instead of old time fobs.

You attach your chain to the watch.

Care for your dials and covers well. These are the first things people see when they look at a Swiss pocket watch or any other fancy type. For right-handed folks, we put our watches in the left pocket usually and if you’re left-handed, you do it vice versa.

Coat pockets make for cool homes to these pieces too!

You can wear them with waistcoats to seal in that sleek look everyone loves! Not into jackets? No problem! A neat shirt does just fine too. Pocket watches sure class up jeans as well!

The way one wears their stainless steel or silver piece brings out its charm more than anything else could ever do!

How To Wear A Fob Watch


You need one end of the watch chain to attach to your vest or waistcoat. This part is called an attachment. You can find it at the end of a Single Albert chain. Double Albert chains have it in the middle instead.

These days, many pocket watches use attachments rather than fobs at the ends of or instead of their chains.


The chain is a key part of your fob watch. It can be made from many materials like gold, silver, or stainless steel. There are two main types: the Single Albert and Double Albert. The Single Albert has one end that hooks to your waistcoat.

The Double Albert hooks in the middle so it hangs on both sides. This choice changes how you wear your watch. Most chains these days have an attachment at the end, not a fob.

Modern pocket watches may use a carabiner or silicone strap instead of fobs with chains.

How to Wear a Fob Watch

Choose the correct pocket for your fob watch, taking into account whether you’re wearing a waistcoat or suit. Learn how to pair it with different garments such as shirts and jeans.

Discover alternative ways of wearing your fob watch that can reflect your personal style and preference.

Choosing the Correct Pocket

Picking the right pocket for your fob watch is key. It plays a big role in how you look and move. Most people put their watches in the left pocket if they are right-handed, and vice versa for left-handed people.

This makes it easier to pull out and check the time.

For outfits with a waistcoat, use the small pocket on the front side. Suits without waistcoats have more choices! The front pants pocket or jacket’s inner breast pocket can hold your watch too.

For less formal clothes like jeans, slip your fob into one of your front pockets.

Wearing with a Waistcoat

First, pick a waistcoat with an open pocket. Place the fob watch in that pocket. Thread the chain through a buttonhole on your waistcoat. Tuck the end of the chain into another pocket.

This keeps your watch safe and shows off its style at the same time! The look is classy and fun. It’s perfect for more formal events or if you just want to feel stylish! You will love how this adds flair to any suit and tie outfit.

Wearing with a Suit (Without a Waistcoat)

Put your fob watch in the front pocket of your suit. Use either a belt slide or clip chain to keep it place. Then, let the chain hang down and put the T-bar in between any two buttons on your shirt.

This gives you an easy way to check the time and adds style to your look without a waistcoat!

Pairing with a Shirt

A fob watch looks great with a shirt. The kind of shirt and the style of your pocket watch matter. A classic white or blue shirt suits well with a silver or gold pocket watch. Put the watch in the front pocket of your shirt.

Attach it using a T-bar or clip to secure it on your collar loop or belt loop if you’re dressed casually. For extra style, let a chain dangle for others to see, if not just tuck it neatly away into your front pocket while exposing the chain’s fob ornament as an added touch of class.

Pairing with Jeans

Try a pocket watch with jeans for a cool look. Dark, slim jeans are best to use. Next, add leather boots. They should have a big sole and a smooth toe shape. This makes the look tough but also fine.

Now, wear your pocket watch over your shirt and favorably under a textured vest like one made from tweed or herringbone fabric that will reflect the bygone era vibe of “Peaky Blinders” fashion trend without being too flashy or conspicuous in look.

Alternative Ways to Wear a Fob Watch

How to wear a fob watch - alternative methods

There are more ways to style a fob watch other than the classic pocket method. Here are some ways:

  1. Pair it with a necklace: You can wear your fob watch as a unique pendant on a chain around your neck. This is a stylish choice for both men and women.
  2. Use it with jeans: A fob watch can easily fit into the small coin pocket found in most jeans or into regular front pockets.
  3. Attach to a belt: If your jeans or pants don’t have enough pocket space, attach the fob watch to your belt loop.
  4. Wear it on your wrist: Wrap the chain around your wrist several times and let the fob watch hang like a charm bracelet.
  5. Costume outfit: For themed parties or events, use the watch to complete an outfit from another era like an antique look from the 1900s.
  6. Pin to jacket lapel: You can also attach the fob watch’s chain to a jacket’s lapel pinhole for another stylish twist.
  7. Tuck into shirt pocket: You may place it in your shirt pocket if you prefer not wearing waistcoats or vests but still want that vintage charm.
  8. Place inside chest pocket of blazer or tuxedo: This gives off an air of elegance and sophistication, best suited for formal occasions.
How To Wear A Fob Watch for nurses
How to wear a fob watch for nurses

How to Care for Your Fob Watch

Caring for your fob watch helps retain its beauty and functionality. Learn how to wind it properly, ensuring the mechanism remains intact. Invest in cleaning tools designed specifically for watches so you don’t scratch or damage it.

Polishing enhances its appearance, but also prevents tarnish on metals like silver and gold. Proper care significantly extends the lifespan of your timepiece.

Winding Your Watch

Use the right hand to turn your watch’s crown. Turn it upwards towards 12 o’clock. Do this until you feel a slight stop or resistance. Be gentle, do not over-wind as it can harm the watch.

Just wind once every day for best results.


Keep your fob watch clean. Dirt and grime can build up over time. This not only looks bad but could also stop the watch from working right. Cleaning should be careful. It depends on what the watch is made of.

Use a soft cloth to wipe your fob watch every day. A gentle rub gets rid of dirt and keeps your fob watch shiny all day long! For deeper cleaning, use mild soap and warm water once a month or so if it’s okay with your kind of material.


Make sure your fob watch sparkles. First, use a soft dry cloth to wipe it. Then, you will need a good polish cream for the type of metal your watch is made of. With soft strokes, rub the cream onto the surface of the watch.

It is key to avoid harsh and fast rubbing as this may cause scratches on your precious timepiece. Keep going until it gleams like new! Never use water or wet stuff when dealing with watches as this can damage them over time.


Fob watches boost your look. Each type has a unique fit. Know the right one for you and how to wear it well. Take good care of your fob watch too!


Dive into common queries about fob watches, including which button to use for attachment, whether you can sport a fob watch sans vest, and if this classic timepiece is still in vogue.

Learn more by exploring these intriguing FAQs!

What button does a fob watch go on?

A fob watch goes on a button of your vest or waistcoat. You place the chain through a hole in one of the buttons near the top. The small piece called a fob should go into your other pocket.
This is the most well-known method of wearing this type of watch. Wearing it this way lets you easily take out and look at your watch when you need to see time quickly.

Can you wear a fob watch without a vest?

Yes, you can wear a fob watch without a vest. It’s all about style and what makes you feel good. No vest? No problem! A pocket on the front of a nice shirt works well too. Tuck the fob watch into one of those pockets for an easy reach.
Jeans give another great option to carry your fob watch. Put your stylish timepiece in a jeans pocket and let it peep out. Just link the chain to a belt loop – simple and cool! This way, you bring classic flair to modern outfits with no need for any vest.
So enjoy playing around with where your fob watch fits best; fashion is fun after all!

Are fob watches still in style?

Yes, fob watches are very much in style! They add a touch of class to any outfit. Many men love them as they give a special, timeless feel. Even famous people like Cillian Murphy have worn them on TV shows.
So don’t hesitate! Choose a pocket watch that you like and wear it with pride. You can make it part of your daily style or save it for extra special events.

What is a fob watch and how do I wear it?

A fob watch, also known as a pocket watch, can be worn in several ways. You can place it in your waistcoat pocket or hang it from a pocket watch chain hook or belt bar slide chain.

Are there different types of fob watches and their chains?

Yes! Varieties of fob watches include open face, full hunter, double-hunter pocketwatch, etc. Chains can range from Albert T-bar to bolt ring chains to leather straps for the casual look.

What outfits go well with a fob watch?

Fob watches pair nicely with formal three-piece suits or smart-casual outfits but you may also use them as an accessory on themed outfits for fashion-forward events.

How should I care for my new Pocket Watch?

For best results you should regularly clean your FOB Watch by polishing its metal parts; wind mechanical models if needed; keep movement parts oiled and safe from tarnishing using specific oils like Chestnut oil

Where could one buy contemporary designs or even vintage-style pieces?

You will find diverse options ranging from Swiss timepiece keepsakes at Sotheby’s auctions to Rolex and Patek brands offering heirloom quality elegance , right down to Apple’s modern spin on this accessory

Can we employ these FOB Watches in various Style Codes including Casual Wear? How would one dress up when wearing items for non-formal settings?

Absolutely- placing your piece into front pockets of jackets / blazers creates instant chic styling while Double half hunters reflect more antique aesthetics; Feel free either way!