How to Use Quartz Watches the Right Way?

Quartz watches are listed in the top wristwatches that have the highest accuracy.

But not everybody knows how to use quartz watches.

If you need to know how they work, then this article will help you out.

Origin of the Watch x
Origin of the Watch


1. How Accurate Are Quartz Watches?

In fact, it is hard to find another type of wristwatches that can beat this quartz product in terms of accuracy.

Taking a closer look, we will see that other normal watches often run quicker or slower than real-time for about 15 seconds per day.

In contrast to them, the quartz items can reduce the false to only about 15 seconds per month.

Systematically, their accuracy is no joke.

If you want to verify it by yourself, you have to know how to use quartz watches first.

In that case, we will continue to dive into the main details.

2. How To Use Quartz Watches?

Here, we will start our most important lesson: how to use quartz watches.

Just be ready because you are about to be impressed.

Firstly, we have to know the structure of quartz watches.

Looking inside them, you will find:

  • A power source (battery)
  • Electrical pedal motor
  • Small chip
  • IC circuit board
  • A quartz crystal
  • Time setting modify knob
  • Gears
  • Central shaft for the hands

As these quartz items operate, a small electrical current will flow from the energy source to the quartz crystal inside them.

When the crystal has enough power, it starts vibrating at a very fast frequency (up to a multiple of 1 second).

Thanks to this frequency, the motor of the watches can work to make the hands run.

the step of the quartz watches’ second hand is the factor that creates high accuracy.

This system allows it to make exactly one step for every second.

Due to this reason, when you want to verify the accuracy between 2 types of watches, you should compare the step of their second hand.


Hopefully, this article can give you all information you need.

Knowing how to use quartz watches already, let’s start buying a good one for yourself!

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