Best Way to Store Quartz Watches Safely For Years? A Simple Guide

how to store quartz watches

Quartz watches are the most popular watches in the world which make up to 97% of watches produced every year.

The reasons for its popularity are its eye-catching design and integrated features.

Almost every watch lover owns a quartz watch, even many people own 2 or more.

Origin of the Watch

However, most of them don’t know how to store quartz watches.

If you are in the same case, stay here with us in this article to know the best way to store your Quartz watch.


How To Store Quartz Watches?

Before knowing how to store quartz watches properly, let’s have a quick look at how they work?

Quartz watches are battery powered and because they use so little electricity, the battery can normally last up to 3-4 years.

They have gears inside which are regulated by a tiny crystal of quartz to help count the seconds, minutes, and hours.

Thanks to this, quartz watches show very accurate time.

However, if you don’t store your watch properly, it will be quickly broken or end up indicating the wrong time.

Storage case or deposit box

Ideally, quartz watches should be stored in an enclosed place like a simple storage case or deposit box.

Because moisture will be a natural enemy of your watches, it is better to store your watches with silica gel which can help save it over the years.

Boxes and paperwork

One more easy way to store your quartz watches is boxes and paperwork.

To make sure that the moisture can not get in, you should use zip-lock or protective bags to cover them well.

A safe place in your house

You can also simply put it in a zip-lock bag and keep in a safe place in your house.

To avoid a collision, you can add a little soft cloth around.

Wrapping Up

No matter how you store your quartz watch, it is extremely important to store it in a dry and well-ventilated place, away from heat and humidity.

With some useful tips on how to store quartz watches, we hope that you can save your watches over the years.

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