How To Store Automatic Watches – The Most Simple Guide

Automatic watches are often far more expensive than other kinds of watches on the market.

Therefore, how to store automatic watches correctly may also be more complex than storing modern watch models like battery watches or casual watches.

So, let’s check out this article to know how to store automatic watches in the right way!


Best Way to Store Automatic Watches?

Storing The Automatic Watches In An Airtight Winders When Not In Use

First of all, you should store your automatic watches in an airtight container to prevent specks of dirt from sticking, as well as protect the watch from accident dropping.

Besides, also make sure to put them in suitable desiccant boxes to prevent them from being moldy from a high moisture environment.

If you want to invest more in storing automatic watches, you should consider purchasing winders for your beloved ones.

Winders prove to be an efficient storing box for maintaining stable operation and preventing oil lubrication.

Paying Attention To Environment When Storing Watch

The surrounding environment plays an important role in storing automatic watches.

So keep in mind these tips for storing your watch better:

First, always keep your watches out of perfume and cosmetics because these chemicals can damage the watch strap, case, or waterproof seals.

Second, do not place your watch near computers, laptops, speakers, iPads, refrigerators, etc.

Because the magnets from these devices can affect batteries, motors, and components inside your watch.

Finally, most watches’ materials have a thermal expansion, so do not leave your watch in places where the temperature is over 60 degrees Celsius or below 0 degrees Celsius.

The temperature gap can make it difficult for them to return to their original shape thereby negatively affecting the operation of your watch.

Final Thought

In brief, the question: “how to store automatic watches?” seems to have been quite an unsolvable one for a while.

So, we hope that this post will help you to figure out the answer to your concern.

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