How Quartz Watches Work: A Simple Explanation

Quartz watches- the best has always taken the community of watch lovers by storm due to its modern style and superior quality.

We bet that many of you may find it hard to escape the lure of these guys and immediately fall in love with the quartz watches on display at first sight.

Despite your desire to purchase ones, you still hesitate due to your lack of knowledge about how Quartz watches work?

Origin of the Watch x
Origin of the Watch

Then don’t worry, stay tuned, and follow this article to the end. Information about quartz watches’ operation is sure to take you by surprise!


All About Quartz Watches

Now before going into detail how quartz watches work, let’s start by breaking down the basics of these awesome watches!

Quartz watches have proven their enormous popularity all over the world with their attractive design and superior role in telling the time. They are greatly welcomed by watch enthusiasts.

Although throughout the time, quartz watches’ design has been modernized continuously to catch up with the world’s trend, they generally consist of following necessary components:

The battery

Compared to its mechanical counterparts, a quartz watch is well- known for its long- term battery, which requires much less servicing than other types of cells. That’s why owning a quartz watch saves you from all occasional battery changes. Thanks to it, you are likely to save an enormous amount of money!

In general, a brand- new quartz watch’s battery may last up to four years! Then from the next battery change, together with the long time you use the watch, the replacement battery may last for a shorter period of one or two years. However, it is still much more enduring than other watches.

Tiny motors

Commonly, almost no watch can work without motors, and this fact is also applied in the case of quartz watches. Some small motors are neatly assembled inside a quartz watch, and work all the time effectively. They partly contribute to the high accuracy of this watch in timekeeping.

A small crystal

A small crystal is what sets quartz watches apart from other types of wristwatches on the market! Their digital display, together with crystal watch face, makes up a perfect looking watch!

Interestingly, the crystal face is capable of withstanding all kinds of daily hits, and the brunt of wear and tear. That means no matter how long you use your watch, its crystal part remains bright and has no scar! An unharmed face also protects all inside components, namely clock hands, indicators of time from danger, and ruins.

How Quartz Watches Work?

This may be the part that you are expecting the most! How a personal and high- quality watch works?

Step 1: the operation of the quartz crystal

All quartz watches contain a small crystal, which is placed inside a tiny metal cylinder much deep inside the clock. It is cut out in the shape of a fork and has piezoelectric properties, which means if there is pressure, it will produce a small amount of electricity.

When the current from the watch battery passes across, the quartz will immediately vibrate and oscillate. It’s calculated that a quartz watch is designed to oscillate up to 32,768 times per second! So astonishing, right?

Step 2: Electronic minders’ work

When you have that astonishing number five times in succession, you will arrive at number 1, which is the time your second watch hand moves one step. At that time, electronic minders are delivering regular pulses separated by exactly one second.

Thanks to electronic minders, your quartz watch runs step by step for each second with audible frequency, instead of moving smoothly and continuously as other watches.

Step 3: A network of gears and watch hands work

All the work has already been done correctly by the quartz crystal and electronic minders. Therefore, the work of gears and hands is much simple. One- second electric pulse caused by electronic minders will drive the motor, and make the second hand tick, then make the minute and hour hands move as well. All is done in the correct ratio. And that’s why quartz watches are ranked as the most accurate timekeepers!

However, due to the surrounding environment factors, including the temperature, the moisture level, a quartz swatch may gain or lose some seconds in different locations. So keep this in mind so that you can know the exact time.

How To Maintain The Operation Of Quartz Watches?

Time is such a precious gift that we all regard it as money. And thanks to the high accuracy of quartz watches’ operation, we can save a lot of money! Quartz watch become worldwide well- know all due to its superior timekeeping function.

Even a cheap quartz watch can still keep the time much more precisely than any other expensive one! Therefore, try to maintain it so that it can work accurately and for a long time.


Store your watch in a cool, dry place, where there is little or no UV light. By doing so, oil inside the watch can avoid being adversely affected.


To make it look new and stylish all the time, remember to clean it with soft cloths. However, don’t use water to clean your watch, as water may damage it.

Final Thought

How is your impression of quartz watches after reading this article? How quartz watches work is so impressive, right? Their ways of working are not as complicated as you might think, but they prove to be highly effective in keeping the time!

Forget your present watches with an intricate network of gears, high costs, and expenses for maintenance, quartz watches appear as your salvage, saving you from all these throbbing headaches!

Let’s purchase the best timekeeper, and enjoy its beauty and superior functions!

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