How Often Should Automatic Watches Be Serviced?

Even though most manufacturers advise taking your watches to the watchmaker every 5 years, the answer is not fixed.

How often should automatic watches be serviced varies from 3 years to decades depending on the watch’s brand and age, how often it is used and whether it has been damaged.



Generally, high-quality watches have a longer lifespan and do not need servicing often.

For example, a Rolex watch can tick after decades even without being looked after, though the brand recommends getting the watches serviced every 10 years.

How often you should bring your automatic watch to the watchmaker depends on a lot of factors


The way they are used can also influence How often should automatic watches be serviced.

If you wear your watch regularly or/and during activity, it would suffer from more movements and therefore need servicing a lot more often.

This applies especially in case your watch is exposed to water, as some people are used to wearing watches while swimming.

Water is definitely a death trap to watch movements, even when your watch is water-resistant.


Another thing to take into account is the watch’s age.

An old vintage watch should obviously be given more regular care than a new one.

Also, you may want to know if your watch has suffered any damage from the last service, for instance, got dropped or incorrectly set, as it is an indicator you should get your watch serviced earlier than usual.


Lastly, while it is, of course, better if your watch is looked after regularly, the cost is also a factor worth considering.

Sometimes a good service costs a lot more than the watch itself, and some people believe the best time to get their watches serviced is when it does not function properly.

There is no need for fixing something that is not broken after all.

In this case, some symptoms can be imperfect timing or accumulated moisture underneath the glass.


Hopefully, this article will shed some light on how often should automatic watches be serviced.

Remember, there are many elements that affect the general rule of 5 years between services: the watch’s brand, age, condition…

It’s all up to you: treat your watch well and it will save you a lot from going to the watchmaker regularly.

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