How Often Do You Need to Service a Watch?

Just like how you need to bring a car to the shop every couple of years, you need to bring your watch to get serviced every now and then, even if there are no obvious issues.

Watches are intricate machines, regardless of the movement, so bringing it to a professional every couple of years won’t only assure you that your watch has no issues, but will also make sure that your watch will be running perfectly for years to come.

Every watch connoisseur will have a different answer to how often you need to bring your watch to get serviced.

This is usually called a “full overhaul”, but it really just means that a professional will look at all the fine details to make sure everything’s running smoothly, fix whatever issues, and probably give it a good cleaning.

Origin of the Watch

Most Swiss and German watchmakers recommend getting a full overhaul every five years. Others will say you have to get it checked every four years, while some people will say you only need to get it served once every decade.

All those answers have merit, but to be extra safe, it would be best to find the middle ground and get your watch serviced every 3-5 years. This also depends on how often you wear the watch and you have to take care of it.

For example, a watch that is worn often and is stored properly when not being worn would only need to get checked every five years at most, while a watch that isn’t worn as often but is still stored properly, then waiting longer between overhauls is perfectly fine.

While the rule of thumb is to get the watch serviced every five years, it also all depends on you.

If you really know your watch, then you’ll have no problem knowing when to get it serviced, and if you aren’t that familiar with the inner workings of your watch (which is fine too), then getting the overhaul every five years will be your best bet to make sure your watch is always at 100%.

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