How Many Components Can Automatic Watches Be Made Of?

Have you ever figured out how your watch is made and how many components can automatic watches be made of?

If yes, you will be overwhelmed to know that the structure of an ordinary automatic watch includes 130 components!

What are they?

Let’s check it out.

Origin of the Watch


How Many Components Can Automatic Watches Be Made Of?

The basic components of a watch are:


The case includes the main body, the bezel, the glass face, and the back cover.

The affection is to protect the watch from bumps, chemicals, and make a good look for the watch.

The glass is usually made from hard glass or Sapphire, these are the two most common glass materials on wristwatches.

The back cover is an unobtrusive part and is usually made of metal or glass, depending on the open-back design.


Typically, a set of needles consists of 3 hands hour, minute, second.

Its principal function is to spin on the scale to count the time.

Besides, there are also some special patterns, stationary hands, and displacement scales.


Attaching scales or calendar windows or sub-dials, the dial is usually made from a thin metal plate, high-grade plastic, or glass.


Movement is the most critical mechanism for needle adjustment and winding.

The movement also has several other features depending on each watch line such as sports timer, celestial calendar, moon phase calendar.


A mechanical watch has a very complex structure, with at least a few hundred mechanical parts assembled directly or indirectly to be able to form a uniform block, helping to conduct the kinetic energy to operate the clock.

In the above article, we only show you some of the basic parts of an automatic watch.

If you have any more questions about how many components can automatic watches be made of, don’t hesitate to drop a comment.

Wish you a good time with your watch!

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