How Do Automatic Watch Winders Work – A Simple Explanation

Watch winder is proven to be a great tool for all those who use automatic watches.

With a watch winding box, you won’t need to wear your watch for 8 hours a day or be afraid of an auxiliary winding.

However, have you ever asked yourself “How do automatic watch winders work”?

Origin of the Watch x
Origin of the Watch

Surely you have been somewhat curious about this, right?

Then stay tuned and let this review give you a detailed answer!


How Do Automatic Watch Winders Work?

In fact, an automatic watch winder will keep your watch running automatically when it is not in use by rotating the watch at a slow and steady pace along its crown axis.

Depending on which types of watch winders are, it can be operated by battery; electricity, or even both.

To be more specific, the rotating cylinder is connected to the electric motor of the watch winder.

Besides, the speed of rotation can be adjusted to increase or decrease the winding speed.

Moreover, the structure of the watch winding boxes also helps prevent the magnetic field generated by the electric motor.

Hence, your watch would not interfere with the magnetism so it will not affect the accuracy of the watch.

Last but not least, you would be better off without buying a poor quality watch winding box for your beloved watches.

You may wonder why, right?

In fact, the most serious problems would come when poor watch winders rotate at an inconsistent speed and greatly affects the operation inside your watch.

watch winder motor


In brief, this review has informed you about how do automatic watch winders work in reality.

We hope that it can be helpful for you. Last but not least, thank you for reading!

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