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Fossil FS5304 Review – “The Minimalist” Leather Strap Men’s Watch

From jewelry all the way down to shoes, minimalist designs never lose popularity, and that probably means that minimalistic designs will always be in fashion. Minimalist designs work incredibly with watches.

Lucky for us, Fossil has released a whole line of beautiful minimalist watches.

And we take a deep dive into one of these watches in this Fossil men’s the minimalist FS5304 review.

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Fossil Men's Minimalist Quartz Stainless Steel and Leather...
  • Fossil has always been inspired by American creativity and ingenuity. Since 1984, we’ve strived to bring new life into the...
  • Inspired by the clean lines and minimalism of mid-century modern design, this slim timepiece was built on the principles of...
  • Case size: 44mm; Band size: 22mm; quartz movement with three-hand analog display; hardened mineral crystal lens resists scratches;...

Case & Crown

This watch is an incredibly simple and elegant gentleman’s watch and the stainless steel case of this watch does nothing but add to its beautiful simplicity.

The case measures 44mm in diameter and 7mm in width, which is a standard size for a large men’s watch.

On the wrist, the watch looks and feels and amazing, not being too heavy and large, while also being large enough to be a perfect accent to any outfit.

There is a thin crown that is situated on at the watch’s 4 o’clock position that shares the shiny stainless steel finish of the case and is the perfect size to allow easy adjustment while not being too big as to cause discomfort.

fossil men's the minimalist fs5304


This is a Quartz watch, basically.

And there’s nothing else much to say about this watch’s movement aside from you can be assured of the watch’s accuracy as quartz watches are known for their accuracy.

The lack of complications also adds to the minimalist feel of the watch, which if you ask me, was done perfectly by Fossil. This watch provides you with everything you’d need in a watch and delivers it in a wonderfully designed package.


The watch comes with a brown leather strap that’s around 22mm wide, which would fit perfectly on an average man’s wrist.

The color choice for the strap is nothing short of perfect as it coincides perfectly with the blue dial, but more on that later. The leather on the strap itself is made well, allowing for a nice soft feel on the wrist.

The strap was also designed to be changed, which would allow you to choose a strap that perfectly fits your style and preference.

fossil men's the minimalist fs5304

Water Resistance

This watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters, which has become somewhat of a standard with modern watches.

While this doesn’t mean that the watch can handle constant diving underwater, it does mean that you can wear it doing standard water activities such as swimming.

Dial & Crystal

A lot of the beauty of this watch can be traced to the incredible dial on the watch.

The background of the dial is a stunning royal blue that serves as the perfect background for the gold-colored hour indicators that the watch has. The watch also has a nice tiny detail along the outer chapter ring which are numerical minute indicators that match the color of the hour markers.

As minimalism is the cornerstone in this watch’s design, the only extra detail added to the dial is the Fossil logo below 12 o’clock and a nice dash-arrow-dash detail close to the 6 o’clock marker.

The hour and marker hands have a nice white and gold color combination, while the second’s hand is just a solid gold color, making reading the time a dream.

This watch also uses a mineral crystal, which is an incredibly strong material that can only be scratched by a diamond tip, keeping the watch nice and clean. There’s also a stationary outer bezel, that shares the case’s finish and allows the watch to keep its incredible 7mm thickness.

All in all

The Fossil men’s the minimalist FS5304 is a beautifully designed minimalist watch for the modern wearer. It lacks the shine and extravagance that a lot of luxury watches have, but it makes up for it with a wonderful combination of elegance and simplicity.

This is a watch that fits in in almost any event, be it black-tie dinners, or casual Fridays at work. A true testament of Fossil’s incredible, yet simple watch designs that come from this line of watches.