Do Pilots Actually Wear Watches Nowadays? The Answer Might Surprise You!

The simple answer is yes and no.

It may seem surprising that some pilots don’t adorn any timepiece yet there is a special kind of watch known as the “pilot’ watch.

The pilot watch was designed back in the day to assist the aviator to keep track of the time zone, fuel consumption, distance traveled, elapsed time, and much more. (See the best watches for pilots on the market right now)

During this period, watches were the pocket type. They were unfriendly to pilots and this led to wristwatches.

Origin of the Watch

This timepiece had a larger dial and the numbers and hands were bold. The background was mainly plain black while the markers and hands were white or shiny silver. This created a nice contrast that made viewing time much easier.

Also notable was that the lumination on the hands and markers was very bright. This was important since the earlier cockpits were not well lit.

The watches were very accurate and precise. This was essential if the user was to get an accurate reading. It’s no wonder that the timepieces mainly came from big names such as Rolex, Breitling, Omega, and IWC.

Nowadays, pilots don’t always wear watches because the modern cockpit is pretty advanced. It has all that the pilot needs. An accurate timekeeper, satellite navigation and positioning, altitude trackers, precise fuel monitoring, distance tracker, and much more.

Nevertheless, a good number still adorn the accessory as part of fashion or image.

You have probably heard about the finest Boeing 747 pilots adorning Rolexes, or Breitling coming up with ‘the Navitimer’, which specifically targeted pilots. this timepiece is chosen by people who are not pilots because of its accuracy, precision, and sophisticated look.

Wearing a watch is a matter of choice for the modern pilot. Most will wear them to look good, state their sense of fashion, and also improve their image. The modern cockpit has all that a pilot needs.