Do Nurses Need to Wear Watches?

“Do nurses need watches?”

Yes, they do. In fact, without the timepiece, their job will be greatly hindered. It may also lead to complications in a patent.

Imagine, a nurse giving a patient medicine too soon or too late? The following are some scenarios that show the importance of a watch to a nurse.

Taking pulse rate

Measuring the heartbeat or pulse rate of a patient Is part-and-parcel of a nurse’s job. With a good timepiece, the caregiver will be able to get accurate readings. The right watch comes with a large and easy to see display/ dial.

Arabic numerals are preferred over the roman type or stick because they are easy to see. The numbers will also come in a bold design and color for easy reading. For instance black numbers and markers against a white dial or vice versa.

Ensuring the patient gets medicine on time

Nurses have very many patients to cater too. One will be required to take medicine after 3 hours, another after 4, while others only need it once a day.

Some drugs/ medications are given before meals while others are after a meal. But without a watch, how will the nurse be able to keep track of the medication schedule.

A good watch is all she needs. And if dealing with a sensitive case, she can always go for one with a reminder or alert. And when the alarm goes off, then she will know it’s time to administer medicine.

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Monitoring their shift

Nurses are always running up and down.

They will at times be forced to work overtime or change their shift. Without a proper watch, it’s very easy to extend your shift unknowingly. You also don’t want to create confusion because you forgot that your shift had ended.

A good timepiece will help you keep an eye on your shift. It minimizes confusion and conflict with other colleagues.


As you a see, a watch is very important to a nurse. And due to the circumstances, it’s necessary for the watch to be very accurate, have good readability and visibility in poorly lit settings, and also lightweight.