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Citizen PCAT Review: Best Citizen PCAT Watches

You know what?

The PCAT or Perpetual Chrono A-T watch collection is undoubtedly one of the most popular collections of Citizen.

People around the world (me included) love them.

And I can see why you’re here with me today.

Because you’re thinking about buying a watch from that very series, right?

So, in order to make your life easier, I’ve added the comparison table above, and 3 short reviews below so you will have more information about which model would suit you the most.

Spend a few minutes to read through them, and I’m sure you will find your dream timepiece in no time.

Best Citizen PCAT Watches

1) AT4129-57H

Citizen PCAT Eco-Drive Grey Dial Men's Watch AT4129-57H
  • 43 mm two-tone stainless steel
  • Grey sunray dial with chronograph, day-date, 24-hour display, alarm, perpetual calendar, tachymeter, and power reserve indicator
  • Brushed and polished stainless steel band

If you value your image and love looking fashionable, then you’ll find this watch worth buying.

It looks refined and matches different individual tastes and preferences.

The weight of the watch feels lighter than most other options.

This is in spite of it being made from stainless steel (case, case back, and bezel).

I love the large round face which accommodates the 3 dials quite well.

At the same time, it offers good views of the hour markers, numbers, date/ calendar, and more.

The manufacturer goes a step further to include large bold hands and sticks which illuminate nicely in the dark.

Although it looks and feels large, the weight is pretty decent.

It also has a thinner thickness which enhances the wearability and comfort.

Being an Eco-Drive Citizen watch, you don’t need to worry about dead batteries and replacing them too often.

Simply expose it to the sun or bright light and it will recharge the built-in battery.

And true to the claims of the manufacturer, a fully charged battery will last for months.

It runs like a charm without any sticking or skipping.

You also won’t hear any ticking sound which suits it in many situations including those that need utmost silence.

I love the sturdiness of the stainless steel strap which offers more assurance in regards to durability and reliability.



-Good looking and reliable watch

-Good size and weight

-Comfortable and flexible strap



-May feel a bit bulky initially

Pros and Cons of Citizen AT4129-57H

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2) AT4127-52H

As a man, you’ll most likely love this watch.

And as a woman, it should make a perfect gift to your grandpa, dad, spouse, partner, sibling, son, or grandson.

It has an attractive design and also has a daring look.

The chic look is courtesy of the granite ion-plated stainless steel case.

The ultra-smooth and highly polished nature improve cleanup and maintenance too.

The face is moderately large; it features 3 functional subdials and also doesn’t look too fancy.

Setting and adjusting the different modes shouldn’t be hard thanks to the large controls on the side.

I give the accessory a nod for the many useful features.

The clarity of the anti-reflective mineral crystal can’t be ignored. You’ll be able to view time even on a hot sunny day.

It retains the nice clarity for a long time and is also more resistant to scratches, breaking, and shatter.

The beautiful watch is techy but still simple and easy to operate.

Every function runs quite well and doesn’t need to be closely monitored.

The timepiece runs great and accurately via the renowned Eco-Drive mechanism.

It should work right from the box. However, you may need to let it sit in the sun or bright light to get charged.

And once it’s fully charged, you’ll enjoy many months of power.



-Excellent quality and very comfortable

-Looks good and works accurately

-Decent weight and size



-Not very suitable for women

Pros and Cons of Citizen AT4127-52H

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3) AT4133-09E

This is a good daily watch that should prove practical in most needs.

I like the sophisticated look which should make it as well as the wearer stand out.

Everything about the watch looks very refined.

The stainless steel case and bezel are smooth and highly polished.

The sapphire crystal is ultra-clear and will maintain this nature for a long time.

The face is more resistant to scratches, color fade, and tarnish, chipping and shattering in comparison to other types.

I also love how flat the glass lies as this contributes to the nice looks.

The size and weight are good for most men and it doesn’t feel too bulky.

Most consumers, including myself, find the double stitching on the leather strap petty decent.

It is, therefore, less likely to rip apart, get torn, or crack.

It’s also very flexible and lightweight and this improves wearability as well as comfort.

The Eco-Drive movement is a big selling point for the watch.

Its energy efficiency has a long power reserve and lasts for a long time.

I also find the water-resistance of 200 meters fairly good.

Taking a bath or shower, swimming, or walking in the rain while wearing the watch should have no issues.



-High quality and durable watch

-Smooth and accurate movement

-Solidly built from sturdy materials



-The numerals on the bezel are a little small

Pros and Cons of Citizen AT4133-09E

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Now that you’ve finished reading through.

I really hope that this short Citizen PCAT review helps you in some ways.

Don’t forget to share with me which model you’d settle on!

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