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Citizen NB1031-16E Review: Grand Touring Analog Display Automatic Silver Watch

The Citizen NB1031-16E ranks as one of the most unique and best watches ever made by Citizen.

The model is packed with features that are guaranteed to take the user experience to a whole new level.

The engineering and skills used in the design and consequent development of the model are enviable by all standards.

Read on to get a better understanding of the timepiece and its features below.

Citizen Men's NB1031-53L Grand Touring Analog Display...
  • Mechanical
  • Silver tone stainless steel with blue dial
  • 3 Hand Basic

Eco-Drive Technology & Movement

This impressive watch model is driven by a Japanese Quartz Movement.

The movement is regarded as the best and most reliable movement in the watch industry.

Therefore, by investing in the Citizen NB1031-16E, you not only get a solid timepiece but also get to enjoy the efficiency of a professional-level movement.

The movement is powered by solar energy through Eco-Drive technology.

The technology harnesses energy from light; sunlight and other forms of artificial light.

With a 42-hour (power) reserve, the movement has an automatic winding and an 8 beat/second frequency.

The watch charges consistently and hence the power reserve never runs out.

Artistically Inspired Casing

citizen NB1031-53L close up

The case in the Citizen NB1031-16E has a specific shape that not only focuses on the crown’s protection.

There is an additional plane between the lugs and bezel that accounts for the perfectly rounded square shape of the casing.

The stainless steel case is brushed for an additional appeal and a more sophisticated look.

The cuts on the casing are done decently thereby having a positive impact on the overall appearance and design of the case.

The 44mm diameter and 14.5mm thickness case is massive and has a masculine appearance.

However, it does not feel heavy as it would be expected for such a massive casing.

The crown is large enough and protected by a crown protector that is pulled off first to access the crown.

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Blue-Tone Dial

The matte blue dial boasts of a rich design that is neatly organized for a stylishly professional look.

Unlike in other Citizen models, there are no sub-dials on the main dial.

Instead, it is just a one-piece dial with shiny silver indexed hour markers.

The minute markers are in bold numeric and are on the outer scale of the dial.

The 3D effect of the dial is complemented by big hands with the minute hand being orange, the hour hand being silver and the second hand is white with an arrow shape.

There are 2 luma strips in the minute and hour hands.

There is a massive Citizen logo towards the center of the dial below the 12 o’clock mark.

Stainless Steel Bracelet

citizen NB1031-53L on wrist

The 5-piece stainless steel bracelet in the Citizen NB1031-16E boasts of solid construction.

The bracelets have a partially brushed and paltry polished design.

The design makes the bracelet’s décor rhyme perfectly with that of the casing.

This uniformity enhances the appearance and overall appeal of the timepiece.

The 23mm bracelet fits well and has a fold-over clasp that is complemented by a hidden double push-button for securing the bracelet onto the wrist.

The clasps open and closes easily and do not require any special skills to operate.

The polishing on the bracelets protects a layer of protection against scratches, dents, and corrosion.

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Water Resistance

The water resistance in the Citizen NB1031-16E is on a level of its own.

The 300 meters water resistance is iconic to this model only in the automatic winding series.

This feature is mostly attributed to the screw-down design of the crown that maintains an airtight watch interior when underwater.

The screw-tight back case, as well as the sapphire crystal window, ensure that water does not gain entry into the watch.

The 30 bar water resistance allows practical use of the watch when in water.

The resistance makes the model ideal for swimming, snorkeling, showering, and extreme underwater sports.

Special Features

There is an enclosed date window at 3 o’clock with a square silver-tone enclosure.

The date display is in bold numeric that is hard to miss at any angle.

The timepiece has an atomic timekeeping feature that delivers extreme precision and accuracy through radio control.

It is worth noting that the feature enables the timepiece to automatically adjust to the time in your respective time-zone.

The Perpetual Calendar feature in this model accurately and dutifully keeps the correct date at all times including leap years.

The hands (second, minute and hour) hands in the model are luminous and hence you will not struggle when reading time in darkness.

Customer Reviews

The Citizen NB1031-16E is hard to hate even for people with little or no love at all for Citizen as a brand.

Owners of the model have it that they fall in love with the watch right from the box.

The 300 meters water resistance is one of the features that everyone is happy about.

Additionally, the uniquely designed casing with the crown protector is yet another intriguing feature that most owners love about the watch.

Overall, owners of this classy model like its design and performance especially since a combination of these features provides real value for their money.

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It goes without saying that the Citizen NB1031-16E is a pacesetter as far as classy timepieces with impeccable performance are concerned.

This is a model that is built to last and graciously provide its users with an unmatchable user-experience throughout its life.

Owning and using the model also contribute to conserving the environment since the gadget is eco-friendly.

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