Citizen Navihawk Review: Best Citizen Navihawk Watches in 2021


It looks like you’re serious about buying a new Citizen Navihawk watch, right?

As you might have already known, the Navihawk series is a very popular watch series of Citizen.

There are a lot of great timepieces in the series.

But how do you know which one would fit you?

If you’re still asking that question, then this short review of mine will help you.

Now, take a few seconds to glance through my comparison table & reviews below.

They will show you the pros and cons of each of these models, and why many people (me included) love them.

So, let’s get started.

Top (5) Best Citizen Navihawk Watches Chosen by Customers

Origin of the Watch
Origin of the Watch
1) JY8035-04E

-18% Sale
Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Navihawk A-T Quartz Men's Watch,...
  • Light-powered watch with orange accents featuring multi-function chronographs, luminous markers, and digital information displays
  • 48 millimeter stainless steel case with Anti-Reflective Mineral Crystal
  • Japanese quartz movement with analog display. Charge level display function. Even if daylight saving time is set for each city in...

This is a good watch for anyone who loves a classy, elegant and accurate watch.

I love the sophisticated nature which makes it a good alternative to the likes of Rolex and Breitling.

However, it’s more affordable.

The timepiece boasts of quality workmanship which assures you of durability.

The stainless steel construction looks and feels very sturdy.

This unit doesn’t get scratched, dented, or chipped easily

Although looking bulky, it’s not a heavy watch.

The timepiece is also very accurate thanks to the respected Japanese quartz movement.

The markers, hands and other details are very clear.


-Elegant and fashionable

-Well-made to handle the use

-Feels nice on the hand


-The dial looks somewhat crowded

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2) JY8030-83E

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Navihawk A-T Men's Watch,...
  • With atomic clock synchronization for superior accuracy, this perpetual calendar chronograph receives radio signals both...
  • Synchronized to Atomic Time Clock for Superior Accuracy, Atomic Timekeeping Technology with Synchronized Time Adjustment Available...
  • Silver-Tone Stainless Steel

If you are a man who loves high quality, classy and durable watches but doesn’t want to spend a lot, then this unit is a good option.

The first thing most people notice is the sophisticated and detailed look.

The main highlights include accurate timekeeping, decent weight, and durability.

The numbers and markers are well-placed and also easy to see.

For convenient night viewing, you have good luminosity.

It’s a great watch for casual and formal wear.

It doesn’t require regular maintenance thanks to its sturdy construction, hardwearing materials, and smooth movement.

Wiping or cleaning dirt, dust, moisture, and sweat is pretty easy.


-Great looking watch

-High quality and durable

-Easy to take care of


-Reading time while in motion can be a bit challenging

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3) CC9030-51E

Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Promaster Navihawk Satelitte GPS...
  • Citizen Eco-Drive is Powered by Light, a watch that never needs a battery
  • Sapphire Crystal
  • Japanese-quartz Movement

My search for a simple yet functional and reliable watch led to this piece.

Yes, it may have lots of details.

However, it relatively easy to read.

I love how well laid out the hour markers, hands, and other details are.

Also, it has good clarity in day and nighttime.

The watch’s precision and accuracy are unquestionable thanks to using revered Japanese quartz movement.

It’s highly unlikely that this watch will be off by more than 20 seconds in a month.

Also, the hands move silently and don’t produce any sound.

It has good weatherproofing and water resistance which suits it to the outdoors.

Together with the tough materials of construction, it will handle falls, abrasions, vibration, water, knocks and much more.


-Reading time is very easy

-Exceptional quality and craftsmanship

-Simple yet very reliable


-Feels a little heavy

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4) JY8037-50E

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Navihawk A-T Quartz Mens Watch,...
  • Atomic timekeeping watch with 43 world cities, mini digital display, and four chronograph subdials
  • 48 mm stainless steel case with anti-reflective mineral crystal
  • Eco-drive is fueled by light so it never needs a battery

Most men who settle for this watch are after reliability, good quality, elegance, and durability.

It runs pretty well and is also amongst the most precise in its class.

The timepiece goes well with formal and casual wear.

The timekeeping is impressive for its caliber.

In fact, it gives the “big dogs” like Breitling, Tag Heuer, and Rolex a run for their money.

It loses minimal seconds in a month, doesn’t require regular maintenance, and is also very durable.

This watch features good lume for easy viewing in dark surroundings.

The movement is also quite good and doesn’t produce any sound.

Given proper care, this accessory will serve you well and will also last for years.


-Excellent accurate timekeeping

-Decent sized dial and hands

-High class and affordable


-The numbers and details are somewhat small

5) JY8031-56L

This watch is feature-rich and looks trendy and classy.

For a man’s watch, it’s pretty chic but still retains the bold manly look.

It’s a good fit for individuals who want high precision, minimal fuss, and easy maintenance.

The excellent finish not only gives it the nice looks but also improves comfort.

The material l and finish don’t tarnish, fade, or rust.

This is due to it being stainless steel.

It does run accurately and stays within specs.

The band looks great and is also very comfortable.

The edge doesn’t pinch or dig into the skin and is very flexible for quick easy wearing and removal.

And to prevent it from coming loose and falling, it features a simple but dependable clasp.


-Looks amazing and fashionable

-It is very durable

-Clear and easy viewing


-The print is somewhat small

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I hope that this short Citizen Navihawk review has provided you with the needed information to come up with a better choice.

Remember, this watch series is a really great one.

So, no matter what model you pick up, I’m sure you would be very happy with your choice.