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Citizen JY8030-83E Review: Eco-Drive Navihawk A-T Analog Display Silver Watch

The Citizen JY8030-83E is specially designed for people who are interested in what a high-end watch can do other than simply displaying the time.

The model uses sophisticated technology to display accurate time in up to 43 cities; thereby making it an ideal travel watch.

There is a lot more you should know about the watch, most of which you can read herein.

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  • Silver-Tone Stainless Steel

Future-Proof Movement

If you are investing in one of the best timepieces currently in the market, you would want a model with a movement that will be overtaken in the near future.

Due to this, Citizen has installed a reputable Japanese Quartz movement from the famous Eco-Drive series.

Other than being the most accurate, reliable and precise movement presently, it is also solar-powered.

You never have to buy a battery for this model as it has a permanent power cell.

Citizen has broken the boundaries with the conventional quartz technology in the Citizen JY8030-83E as it is designed to withstand the test of time with its performance and relevance.

Creatively Designed Casing

One of the key facts about this accessory by Citizen is that there is no aspect that is designed without paying close attention to every detail.

This is clearly evident in the 48mm casing made from high-quality stainless steel.

The silver-tone casing boasts of genuine hardness, solidness, and a bold neutral appeal.

Ideally, the casing makes the watch match seamlessly with any outfit and dress code.

The uniqueness of the casing is not only limited to its appearance but also extends to its construction.

The casing has an anti-scratch surface that also does not rust even with consistent exposure to moisture.

As such, you can comfortably wear the accessory to your field of work even in the construction industry.

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Decorated Multi-Colored Dial

Citizen JY8030-83E angled

When investing in the Citizen JY8030-83E, it is worth noting that you are purchasing a watch model that is designed to stand out in all aspects.

This includes the timepiece having a lively and entertaining dial that is impressive to look at all times.

There are five sub-dials on the main dial with one of these sub-dials displaying UTC time.

Despite the dial being packed with lots of functions, it is neatly organized so that neither one of the function overshadow the others.

The hands are multi-colored with a matte-black shade at the base for the minute and hour hands and a silver-tone boundary bordering the gray shade in the length and tip.

There is a compass scale in the outer space of the dial as well as a Pilot’s Rotating (Slide Rule) Dial Ring.

Comfortable Bracelet

The stainless steel band in this Citizen JY8030-83E model is designed to provide maximum comfort and a secure fit all the time you are wearing the watch.

The 23mm bracelet has a fold-over clasp that is effortless to operate when fastening or removing the watch from the wrist.

Since the strap is made using the same material as the casing, it also does not get scratched or become corroded.

The integrated style of the strap sets the model apart from other Citizen watches that come with the standard chain-link pattern.

It is important to note that the bracelet feels light yet it is solid and hence will not add any unnecessary weight on your wrist.

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Water Resistance

The Citizen JY8030-83E is a functional timepiece in all aspects including its water-resistance capabilities.

The accessory prides itself in unlimited capabilities when it comes to water activities due to its 660 feet (200m/20 bar) water resistance.

This resistance is among the best in the watch industry and it can only be found in high-performance timepieces like this model.

The water resistance allows users to swim, shower, walk in the rain, snorkel and engage in surface water sports with the watch.

You do not need to remove the watch when undertaking routine duties like showering.

However, you should not use the model when scuba diving as the resistance does not withstand the scuba diving pressure.

Special Features

Citizen JY8030-83E on wrist

There are tons of special features that are loaded to the Citizen JY8030-83E to enhance its user experience.

For starters, the accessory comes with a perpetual calendar and atomic time-keeping functionalities.

Both of these features guarantee that the time and date displayed on the watch are accurate in any of the 5 time zones that the model receives radio signals in.

It also has a chronograph function and a lovely digital display.

Other classy features that come with the model include 2 alarms and a shock-sensing function.

The mineral glass protecting the dial is characteristically strong thereby ensuring that the accessory is cushioned against falls and other types of impacts.

Customer Reviews

According to the reviews left online, the Citizen JY8030-83E is arguably one of the best and most revered models that Citizen has ever developed.

Owners seem to love every aspect of the accessory from its decorated dial, bold and masculine casing and the tons of features in the gadget.

However, most of them express concerns that the digital window on the dial is small hence it is not readily readable from a distance.

The anti-reflective window is yet another aspect that most people seem to love about the watch since it enables them to read the time even in shining light.

Other owners love the fact that since the accessory is an eco-drive model, there is no need to invest in a battery.

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There are few watch brands and models that come close to the sophistication in the Citizen JY8030-83E watch.

From the tons of features and functionalities in the gadget to the classy exterior and strap, every detail is designed to perfection.

This is arguably the ideal watch for the modern gentleman.

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