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Citizen CB0020-50E Review: Eco-Drive World Perpetual Atomic Timekeeping Watch with Date

Stylishly looking with a combination of a modern black dial and a stainless steel bracelet.

The trendy looks in the Citizen CB0020-50E make it stand out as one of the must-have timepieces from the famous Eco-drive series by Citizen.

The use of solar technology in this timepiece makes it easily affordable to maintain thereby making the accessory a valuable investment.

And today, we will discuss the key highlights of the model.

Citizen Men's Eco-Drive World Perpetual Atomic Timekeeping...
  • Round watch with world time bezel, perpetual calendar, and multitexture black dial
  • 43 mm stainless steel case with antireflective sapphire dial window
  • Japanese quartz movement with analog display

Watch Movement

This incredible timepiece features an iconic eco-drive Japanese Quartz movement.

Featuring an analog display, the model ranks as one of the most accurate timepieces across the globe.

The most fascinating aspect of the movement is that it is designed to remain relevant and reliable throughout the accessory’s life.

An oscillator in the watch makes the movement incredibly efficient thereby ensuring that the time displayed on the dial is always accurate.

A fascinating aspect of this gadget is that it runs on solar energy through solar charging technology.

The solar energy is stored in a permanent power cell that eliminates the need for having a battery.

Creatively Designed Casing

Citizen CB0020-50E on wrist

Citizen is popular for paying keen attention to all details of their products.

In line with this, the casing in the Citizen CB0020-50E is creatively designed for purposes of enhancing the appearance of the model.

The 43mm casing is creatively designed using stainless steel to ensure that it is as functional as it looks.

This is because the casing is not too massive and thereby saves you the trouble of feeling any discomfort or inconvenience on your wrist.

Like in other Citizen models, the casing is lightweight while the stainless steel finish guarantees that the casing possesses anti-corrosion properties.

Additionally, the surface of the timepiece does not get scratched hence retaining the beauty of the accessory.

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The dial-in the Citizen CB0020-50E is eye-catching and fashionable.

It has a bold and uniquely masculine appearance. The black shade of the dial makes it appealing to the eye especially with the silver indexed hour markers.

The Citizen logo is positioned strategically beneath the 12 o’clock position.

Another intriguing aspect of the dial is that there is a silver decorated sub-dial that complements the black shade.

The hands in the model (second, minute & hour) feature a silver-tone finish that makes them readily visible even in darkness.

The outer surface of the dial has names of different cities/time zones as well as a tachymeter scale.

Stainless Steel Bracelet

The stainless steel bracelet in the Citizen CB0020-50E is strong, masculine and good-looking.

It features silver color additions that charm the overall appearance of the bracelet.

What is more amazing about the bracelet is that it complements the design and appearance of the steel casing.

As such, the model not only has a luxurious feel but also feels uniquely comfortable.

Like the rest of the watch’s exterior surface, the steel bracelet possesses anti-scratch and corrosion-resistant properties.

The push-button clasp on the bracelet allows for easy fastening of the strap onto the wrist.

Due to the bracelet’s superior design, the model is a perfect everyday watch.

Water Resistance

Citizen CB0020-50E close up

Citizen is known to make watches with top-of-the-range properties and features.

True to this, the Citizen CB0020-50E comes with an outstanding water resistance of up to 200 meters.

With this water resistance, the model is ideal for use in professional marine activities.

Another thing to note about the water resistance is that it allows for use of the watch with serious water sports with the exception of scuba diving.

Ideally, the overall design of the Citizen CB0020-50E is done professionally to prevent any damage by water.

For instance, the bezel, crowns, and back lid all ensure that they prevent water from getting into the ‘engine’ of the watch.

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Additional Features

The most impressive aspect of this timepiece is that it comes with tons of features; all meant to enhance the user experience.

For starters, the model comes with a Perpetual Atomic Timekeeping feature that provides for automatic day and date adjustment.

The models display accurate time in 26 time zones.

The gadget recharges consistently in any light (natural or artificial) through the high-end solar charging technology.

Underneath the anti-reflective Sapphire (mineral) dial window, there is a date window at the 4 o’clock position.

The window has a silver boundary that allows for easy visibility in all light conditions.

In addition to this, the model has a radio-controlled function and luminous markers and hands.

Customer Reviews

Overall, the Citizen CB0020-50E has an amazing reception across the globe based on the positive feedback it enjoys from most of its owners.

Most people cite time accuracy, reliability, and solid design as some of the key highlights of the model.

In addition, a great majority of its users note that solar charging technology makes the device more reliable and useful.

The model’s simplicity and ease of operation are yet other aspects that make the model a favorite option for most people.

Since the timepiece is future-proof in its features, most owners prospect that they will own the model for a long time in the foreseeable future.

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The Citizen CB0020-50E timepiece is a model that is designed to impress everyone with its unmatchable features, incredible performance, and elegance.

The steel casing coupled with the bracelet guarantee that this is a gadget you can use in any field or environment.

It is definitely worth every cent it costs and comes with a guarantee of reliable performance.

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