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Citizen BU2055-16E Review: Green Military Quartz Stainless Steel and Nylon Casual Watch

The Citizen BU2055-16E has since the recent past become a top choice for men looking for a timepiece with a combination of performance and elegance.

Developed by Citizen, a top-rated watch brand, the model boasts of an eco-drive technology that powers the gadget.

There are a few things worth noting about the model.

And today, I will show you why this watch is a must-have for almost everyone.

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  • Black Ion-Plated Stainless Steel Case with Olive Green Cordura Strap

Japanese Quartz Movement

The Japanese Quartz Movement is the epitome of success as far as classy and professional timepieces are concerned.

The movement is popular for its unmatched reliability, fluidity, performance, and accuracy.

The movement is the sole reason that the BU2055-16E model displays the accurate time at all times thereby making the model a favorite option for the modern man.

Since the timepiece belongs to the Eco-Drive series, the accessory does not require a battery to run and hence it is economical to run.

The gadget has an inbuilt power cell that is charged through solar technology by exposing the watch to any light; natural and artificial lights.

Professionally-Inspired Casing

The Citizen BU2055-16E looks as good as its performance and dependability.

The black-ion 43mm casing of the timepiece is made using the finest quality stainless steel.

The case is hard and durable thus making it resistant to normal wear and tear.

Additionally, the case exhibits excellent resistance to denting due to falls and other types of impacts.

What is more to note about the casing is that it features anti-scratch and corrosion-resistant properties.

As such, using the accessory in wet and moist environments such as in the construction industry is not likely to affect the watch.

The black-ion plating on the case gives the model an attractively customized look.

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Multi-Colored Dial

The Citizen BU2055-16E does not spare any effort in making the model stand out from the pack.

In line with this, the model has a colorful dial that is characterized by a black main dial and three sub-dials arranged in a triangular-style pattern.

At the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock position, there is a white marker bordered by a red color and a gold-tone Citizen logo.

The hour markers are bold gold-tone numeric with the minute markers being indexed gold-tone markers.

The hands in the dial are decorated differently with the second hand being a gold-tone stick with a red arrow at the tip.

The minute hand is a white shade with a red border and the hour marker having a black border around the white shaded stick.

Nylon Bracelet

Men who do not like stainless steel bracelets will definitely find the dark green Cordura nylon strap in the Citizen BU2055-16E to be comfortable and reliably useful.

The strap is waterproofed and hence you need not worry about it soaking in water such as when washing utensils.

Even though it is rarely found in high-end timepieces, nylon boasts of the same functionality and durability as stainless steel bracelets.

The 20mm nylon strap features a Tang clasp that provides for a secure and firm fit on the wrist.

The double stitching on the strap ensures that it does not tear or develop areas of weaknesses that are bound to create discomforts.

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Water Resistance

The Citizen BU2055-16E is your go-to watch when you are shopping for a watch with an incredible water resistance that can withstand daily exposure to water.

The 330 feet (10 bar, 100 meters) water resistance makes the watch ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

The watch should only be used with limited exposure to water and not for tasks such as scuba diving and other underwater sports.

The water resistance in the model allows you to wear the watch when undertaking tasks such as washing utensils, showering and even working in the rain.

The airtight construction of the timepiece that there is no water/moisture that can get into the watch within the provided water range.

Special Features

The Citizen BU2055-16E has an artisan’s military design that creates a rugged look.

Other than its design, the timepiece is loaded with lots of additional features.

These features include a day/date functionality, 12/24 hour time formats and an analog display.

The best thing about the date window in this model is that it is a circular sub-dial adjacent to the 3 o’clock position.

The dial and hands are luminous and hence illuminate light at night or when in darkness.

Consequently, this allows you to use the accessory in any environment without any inconveniences whatsoever.

The bold numeric on the dial is easy to read even from a distance.

Customer Reviews

Like other Citizen watches, the BU2055-16E has enjoyed a solid reputation and reception in the market based on customer reviews.

The medium-sized casing with a masculine appeal is an attractive aspect according to most customers.

This size combined with the lightweight of the model makes the watch ideal for most people.

The fact that the model can be worn with different outfits is yet another attractive attribute to most owners.

There are owners who cite the nylon strap to be their favorite feature due to its comfort and waterproof features.

The blackface with the gold-tone markers provides a décor-rich face that highlights the exclusive appearance of the timepiece.

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The Citizen BU2055-16E is a functional timepiece that is priceless and unmatchable in its performance.

The model is perfect for men who are looking for an all-round accessory that they can wear to work and an occasional dinner party.

With this model, you never have to worry about making regular trips to your local watch specialist for a battery change or other repairs.

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