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Citizen BN0150-28E Review: Eco-Drive Promaster Diver Watch with Date

The Citizen BN0150-28E is an interesting and useful timepiece.

This hand accessory is uniquely popular for its great-looking dial, affordability, reliability, and solar-powered movement among other features.

Due to its 200 meters water resistance, the model is a favorite diving timepiece for most people who are keen on playing in water whilst wearing their watches.

Here are some of the classy specifications about the timepiece you should know about.

Let’s take a look.

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Japanese Quartz Movement

This Citizen men’s watch from the Promaster Diver watch series runs on a solar-powered Japanese Quartz movement.

This movement is lauded for its accuracy and precision in comparison to other movement types in modern timepieces.

As such, watch enthusiasts who prefer owning reliable and accurate accessories should look no further than at this accessory.

The Eco-Drive movement in this device only loses a few seconds monthly thereby guaranteeing the accuracy of time displayed.

The Citizen BN0150-28E does not need a battery since it is powered by light.

You only require to expose the model to light for it to recharge.

Consequently, this makes the timepiece an easy-to-maintain time accessory.

Uniquely Designed Casing

citizen BN0150-28E close up

The casing of this high-end timepiece features a simplistic and professionally inspired design.

There is no intricate detail with a degrading appeal on the casing.

Instead, the case is a smooth cylinder that is decorated with a crown, crown guards and lugs.

The 44mm diameter case is polished in a matte brushed finish that gives the timepiece its stylish look and appearance.

The model’s casing is complemented by a textured bezel that allows for easy setting of the watch.

The stainless steel case is rust-resistant and comes with scratch-resistant properties.

Therefore, the casing remains in a pristine condition throughout the watch’s life.

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Watch Dial

The dial of this Citizen timepiece is clean and neatly arranged.

The genuinely hard anti-reflective mineral crystal window allows users to enjoy an unhindered view of the watch’s black dial with round silver hour markers.

There are numeric minute markers and indexed markers that are sandwiched between the minute and round hour markers.

The 3, 6, 9 and 12 hour-markers are distinctively shaped for easy reading irrespective of the watch’s orientation.

The Citizen logo is positioned below the 12 o’clock position while the Eco-drive emblem is slightly above the 6 o’clock position.

The seconds and hour hands feature a bold silver finish with the minute hands featuring a combination of white and orange decorative finish.

Stock Strap

The polyurethane strap of the accessory is not only supple but also comfortable and gentle on bare skin.

The strap has a buckle that acts as a stopper after fastening the timepiece onto the wrist.

The best thing about the strap is that it is usually comfortable even during activities like swimming, snorkeling, diving and showering among other water activities.

The strap has different fastening holes that allow users to fasten the gadget depending on how tight or loose they prefer the model to be.

This rubber strap is heat resistant and hence you are not likely to sweat around your wrist when wearing the watch in hot weather.

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Water Resistance

citizen BN0150-28E on wrist

The 660 feet (200m) water-resistance of the Citizen BN0150-28E makes using the model in and water a fun experience and great pleasure.

The watch’s dial is easily readable underwater as the hands and dial illuminate emitting a blueish shade for easy visibility.

The crown in the model screws down thereby ensuring that the model cannot be ruined or damaged by water.

In addition to this, the accessory also features guards that keep the accessory sufficiently protected when underwater.

The timepiece features a unidirectional rotating bezel which is a standard feature in diving watches.

The bezel can only be turned in a counter-clockwise movement so that it does not accidentally add time when underwater.

Special Features

The BN0150-28E model by Citizen boasts of a visual design that makes it possible to wear the accessory with any outfit.

The model matches perfectly with official wear, casual outfits and even underwater whilst making a strong fashion statement in all situations.

The timepiece has an operational temperature range of -10 degrees Celsius (14F) to + 60 degrees Celsius.

The gadget will attain the best performance and functionality within this temperature range.

The numeric date window is position at 4 o’clock.

The numbering for the date is bold to allow for easy visibility even in darkness.

Unlike other watches that have the date window at the 3 o’clock position, the location of the window in this Citizen model makes it stand out.

Customer Reviews

Overall, the Citizen BN0150-28E boasts of positive reception in the market.

Most users laud the model’s accuracy and precision as one of its most reliable features.

What is more, about the timepiece is that it gives great value for money.

The quartz movement in the accessory has an error margin of a maximum of 15 seconds monthly.

The diving capabilities of the model make the accessory an all-round timepiece according to most users.

This is because you do not need to remove the timepiece when stepping into the shower, swimming or even when diving.

This feature coupled with the fact that you can wear the accessory with any outfit makes the timepiece a favorite accessory for most users.

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This Citizen watch serves as proof that a time accessory can be functional and fun to use at the same time.

What’s more, is that the Eco-Drive technology in the accessory contributes greatly towards conversing the environment.

The accessory comes with a guarantee of reliable service throughout its life with minimal need for regular maintenance like in other poor quality watches.

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