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Citizen BM8478-01L Review: Eco-Drive Brown Leather Watch

Citizen is known for making high-end watches and true to this, Citizen BM8478-01L is one of the must-own watches for men in present times.

The watch boasts of solid construction that allows users to enjoy excellent durability and reliability throughout its life.

There are a few aspects of this model worth noting.

So, let’s get right into it.

Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Weekender Garrison Field Watch in...
  • These military-inspired watches with rugged looks and a comfortable fit are born ready for adventure.
  • 3 Hand, Day / Date
  • Black Stainless Steel

E101 Eco-Drive Quartz Movement

Japanese Quartz Movement is a popular movement in the watch industry due to its renowned accuracy and precision.

The E101 quartz movement in this model uses solar energy to run since it does not have a battery.

The best thing about this movement is that in addition to its accuracy, it also guarantees that the watch is reliable for use as a day to day watch.

This all-powerful movement has an error range of +/- 15 seconds on a monthly basis.

What is more, about the gadget is that it has a 6-month power reserve.

As such, the movement can run uninterrupted for 6 months when the power cell is fully recharged.

Black Case

citizen BM8478-01L unboxed

The casing in the Citizen BM8478-01L measures 36 mm in diameter.

The stainless steel has a black-ion plating that gives the watch a characteristic look.

The quality of stainless steel used in making the case is high thereby making the watch extremely hard and solid.

Therefore, the case does not dent or bend due to falls and other impacts.

The most intriguing aspect of the casing is that unlike for other men’s watches, it is not too massive.

Therefore, it fits perfectly on all wrist sizes including small wrist sizes of youthful men.

Additionally, the timepiece can be worn by ladies seeking to have a bossy appearance.

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Blue-Tone Dial

The Citizen BM8478-01L has a colorful dial with the model emphasizing on the appeal and looks of the dial.

Unlike other watch brands that have dull and boring dials, this model has a user-interactive dial that enhances the experience of using the model.

The hour markers on the dial are bold shiny numeric while are the minute markers are small shiny indexed markers.

The minute and hour hands feature a white shade that is bordered by a shiny boundary for easy visibility.

The seconds’ hand features a gold-tone finish that gives the dial an additional décor effect.

The Citizen logo is below the 12 o’clock marker.

Leather Strap

citizen BM8478-01L on wrist

If you are looking for a military-inspired watch with a leather strap, the Citizen BM8478-01L is the best choice for you.

The dark brown strap complements the black-ion plating of the casing thereby creating a classy and luxurious look.

It is important to note that the strap has a contrast stitching that not only reinforces the quality of the strap but also its appearance.

The leather strap is exceptionally comfortable but requires time to break-in.

Additionally, the leather strap has excellent waterproof properties that allow you to use the accessory in water without the straps getting damaged.

The leather straps have a shiny surface that will definitely make the timepiece stand out.

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Water Resistance

The water-resistance of the Citizen BM8478-01L model is not the best in the industry, but it still makes it possible to use the watch in water and moist conditions.

The 100 meters in the gadget makes it ideal for fair and light use in water for swimming, snorkeling, and showering.

However, you should not wear the watch when scuba diving.

You should not get worried about walking in the rain with the timepiece or even working in a wet or moist environment.

The overall design of the model is done in a unique way such that it guarantees that no water can get into the watch.

Special Features

The Citizen BM8478-01L watch model comes with top-of-the-range special features that are meant to have a positive influence on the user experience.

The accessory has a day-date window at 3 o’clock. The window has an alpha-numeric display that is easily readable from any angle.

This window has a rich décor-effect on the analog dial of the timepiece.

The hands and dial in the model are luminous thereby providing a lighted display at night or in darkness.

What is more, about the accessory is that the mineral crystal dial window is not only hard but also has anti-scratch and anti-reflective properties.

Customer Reviews

Owners of this high-end timepiece have mostly positive feedback and reviews about the model.

For starters, most men love the handsome vintage look of the model that is highlighted by the high-end brown leather strap and the light Arabic numerals.

The perfect blend of brown and aqua blue is yet another feature that most men love about the watch.

According to several customer reviews, the Citizen BM8478-01L is a perfect present/gift for someone wishing to gift a loved one a timeless accessory with guaranteed performance.

Other owners love the fact that the timepiece is easy to operate and the band is uniquely comfortable.

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The Citizen BM8478-01L is a watch for every man; the old and young alike.

This nice casual watch can also double as a dress watch that you wear to your typical day at the office or even a social event like a birthday party or dinner date.

The watch has impressive looks.

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